Diamantine is Out on the US Kindle Store

Diamantine, the second book in my Weapons and Wielders series, is available now on the US Kindle store!

Diamantine Small

To celebrate, the first book in the series – Six Sacred Swords – is on sale for on the US Kindle store and UK Kindle store. (Unfortunately, those are the only regions covered by Kindle Countdown Deals. If you’re somewhere else, sorry. ;_;)

Six Sacred Swords follows Keras Selyrian, a talented swordsman who begins a journey to seek out the titular Six Sacred Swords. It’s a lighthearted adventure story, with a lot of nods to various classic games from the NES, SNES, and Playstation eras, especially The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Quest, Ys, and Final Fantasy. You might enjoy it if you’re in the mood for talking swords, bibliophile dragons, and a lot of accidentally breaking traps and puzzles. The audio book version can be found here, narrated by the fantastic Nick Podehl!

This series takes place in the same universe as my War of Broken Mirrors and Arcane Ascension books.

Chronologically, the books follow this order:

Notably, the frame story for this book (meaning the Prologue, Interlude, and Epilogue) takes place much later than the main story, and after the second book of Arcane Ascension. Reading those other books isn’t required to understand this one, but it may be beneficial to get everything possible out of the story.

Next, I’d like to mention something important about the style of this particular book.

Diamantine is designed to set the foundation for plot and character arcs and for several books to come, and this means that by necessity, there will be a number of elements introduced in this book that aren’t resolved by the end. This is intentional, but it may not work for all readers. If you prefer stories that feel self-contained, you may be best waiting for at least one more book to come out to read them back to back.

Thanks, everyone, and I hope you love the books!



15 thoughts on “Diamantine is Out on the US Kindle Store

  1. I had it preordered and got it about 2 minutes after Midnight Eastern Standard Time (USA) on my Kindle Fire. I just finished reading it. It took me over 9 hours and less than 10 hours (minus a couple of minutes for a couple of very short interruptions. It is now about 947 AM Eastern time.

  2. So I got it about 2 minutes after my local Midnight time. I read it straight through without skipping around (particularly to late in the book and then back tracking to read what I skipping around), which is mot my usual pattern for books by authors that I know well and have been waiting for a new book to come out. I do not want to Spoil anything yet, but I see only two possible answers/scenarios to something revealed at the end of the book, relating to relative times between the different book series.

  3. Actually there is is really one scenario that makes sense about the relative timing.

    I still am not sure who the woman on the cover art is, because she is using a sword.

  4. I guess the cover person must be the Crown Princess of Edria, she is the only one that makes any sense.

    Where are the comments by other Readers of the new Book? Surely there are more than two of us who have got it and finished. It has been more than 13 hours since I finished it! Didn’t a lot of people pre order it? It is an hour short of 24 hours since I got it.

  5. The ending actually clears up some problems I was having – certain things weren’t lining up. Now they do.

    That doesn’t mean it explains anything, of course. But it removed things that looked like inconsistencies.

  6. I just noticed an inconsistency. At the end of On The Shoulders of Titans, it is clear that FIVE friends board the train to Caelford along with Corin, i.e. Keras, Sera, Patrick, Marissa and CECILY for the trip to Caelford. With Keras about to tell them about Dawnbringer and the Six Sacred Swords. Yet at the end of Weapons and Wielders when Keras realizes that the train is about to be attacked, he does NOT mention Cecily in his instructions about how to prepare for the robbery. Then at the end of Diamantine, Sera lists everyone who has been listening to Keras’s story, and AGAIN Cecily is NOT mentioned.

    Did you forget, or change your mind about Cecily coming with them on that trip?


    So how are sales of Diamantine doing, in spite of the lack of people commenting here in your blog about it? (There are only me and nehemiahnewell so far).

    1. Cecily is on the train, but not in the car listening to the story. Keras isn’t telling the story with her present because he doesn’t know her well enough.

      This is addressed, just without calling her by name, in the opening scene, when Keras thinks “Wasn’t there another girl somewhere?”
      Keras shook his head, dismissing the concern. She’d be fine.

      Please edit your post to remove spoilers for the end.

      Sales on Diamantine are doing fine. Most of the discussion is on Discord. There’s some on the Climber’s Court subreddit as well.

  7. So how do I edit a posted message? Whenever, I have tried before I can not find a way to change it, after I have posted it. I will try again to edit my above message.

  8. If there is a way to edit, it must involve some command codes that I do not know, or involve permissions that I do not have.

  9. It seems to have worked. As far as I can tell, I can not edit my messages once I have posted them. I have tried to figure it out on several occasions, without success.

    So how do I get to the Discord discussions and the Climber’s Court?

  10. Awesome book! I was waiting for that ending for some time. I think now is the time to listen to arcane ascension again 😀

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