New Site Sections and Diamantine Cover Reveal

I added a couple new sections to the site – Novels by Andrew Rowe and FAQs. As time goes on, I’ll plan to add to those.

Perhaps more importantly, I have a cover to reveal!

Diamantine Small

Thanks to Daniel Kamarudin for his amazing art, as always, and Shawn T. King for the fantastic graphic design.

…I literally just noticed that “New York Times Bestselling Author” part. Thanks for sneaking that in there, Shawn.

Anyway, I love the new art, and I hope you all do, too!

As for who the mysterious figures are on that cover – we’ll get to that soon. I’m almost done with Diamantine, and I’m hoping to launch it within the next few weeks.

Happy New Year, everyone, and stay tuned! I’ll have more news soon.


6 thoughts on “New Site Sections and Diamantine Cover Reveal

  1. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out since like a 3 days after six sacred swords went up on audible. I cant wait for it, yay! I will probably read it on kindle before it comes out on audible since i don’t want to wait!

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