Six Sacred Swords is the Audible Daily Deal

Hey all,

Six Sacred Swords is currently the Audible Daily Deal, meaning it’s discounted to $3.99 on the US Audible store. This sale may not be reflected in all regions, unfortunately.

If you’re not already familiar with Six Sacred Swords, this book takes place just after the War of Broken Mirrors. It also includes a frame story that takes place after On the Shoulders of Titans, so it’s a great book to jump into while you’re waiting for the third Arcane Ascension book.

If you’re interested, you can find it here:

B1_Six Sacred Swords_Weapons and Wielders Small

6 thoughts on “Six Sacred Swords is the Audible Daily Deal

  1. Hi! I just started your series with AA 1 and I am about halfway through. It’s a lot of fun, an a refreshing look to a lot of the Eastern fantasy stuff I’ve been reading to now. I look forward to reading or listening to the rest of your books, and hope you have a fun time writing. Thanks for the hours of enjoyment so far, and those to come. Keep writing and remember, we are all craving for more from ya!

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