August Status

Hey everyone,

Some quick updates.

  • I’m almost finished with editing for Defying Destiny. I’m currently still aiming for a September 1st release if possible, but it may slip a little further. Either way, I expect it out soon.
  • I made some progress on Weapons and Wielders 2. The first draft is probably about 50% complete, but there are still some elements I’m not sure if I’m going to keep in there, so it could vary significantly.
  • I made a little progress on Arcane Ascension 3 as well. I’m going to call the first draft 10% written.

Sufficiently Advanced Magic is on sale on the US and UK Kindle stores today if anyone hasn’t picked it up yet. If you already have it and love it, please spread the word!


Thanks, everyone! Hope you have a great month.



11 thoughts on “August Status

  1. Wow! That’s a fast writing speed.

    Still, may I again suggest a Patreon account with early access to drafts as a perk?

    1. I’ve considered doing that, but I’m somewhat concerned about spoiling the books for people. It’s also a fair amount of work for me to maintain one. I’ll think about it, though.

  2. I am completely addicted to both series. I would love to hear more about the 6 sacred swords too. I have listened to everything you have put on audible and I LOVE Nick Podehl…I just feel like a junkie waiting for my next fix! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi so I was just thinking about the universe you created and I was wandering if a summoner could bond with a sentient weapon. Also I assume that you have read the unsouled series and was wandering what path you would take me personally I would choose last oath. Also I was wandering if you could create a personality quiz to match you with your attunements I have a few but none of them feel quite right. Thank you for the wonderful universe you created.

  4. Just finished both books on Arcane Ascension. Really can’t wait for thr third book. About to start on your other series 🙂 Keep wriring, amazing books.

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