Defying Destiny – First Draft is Complete


Finally, my first draft for Defying Destiny is done.

This book has been the most challenging work of my career. Trying to conclude a trilogy in a satisfying way is extraordinarily hard in general, and it was a challenge to switch back to a writing style similar to that of the Broken Mirrors books after working on things like Arcane Ascension. I’m much more comfortable writing in the style of Arcane Ascension now, so trying to make sure I maintained the tone and style of the original series was tricky.

I hope that people enjoy the final product when it comes out.

I’m sure my Broken Mirrors fans are wondering about the release date. I have an estimated timeline, but please bear in mind this is just an estimate.

My estimated timeline is as follows:

  • About a week for self-editing.
  • Sending to beta readers around June 1st.
  • Getting beta reader comments back around July 1st.
  • Making edits from beta reader comments until around July 15th.
  • Sending to professional editor around July 15th.
  • Getting professional edits back around August 15th.
  • Making edits based on professional editor comments for the following two weeks.
  • Hopefully done in time for a launch on September 1st.

We’ll see if I can actually make that happen. My schedules almost always tend to slip a little bit, generally at the beta reader stage. Beta readers are volunteers, and I can’t expect them to keep to a set timeline, so I expect them to often drift a little bit outside of my requested time range.

That said, I’m going to make every effort to try to get the book out by sometime in September if I can. I can’t promise anything, but that’s the goal.

Thanks to all my readers for your support and patience.

Once this is out, I’ll have more time to focus on Arcane Ascension 3 and Weapons and Wielders 2. I still haven’t made a firm choice on which one I’m going to release next; I will most likely work on both at the same time.

17 thoughts on “Defying Destiny – First Draft is Complete

    1. Thanks for the offer. I’m probably not taking more beta readers. I need to check with my existing beta readers for availability first. I will plan to make a post if I need more.

      1. You can set up a Patreon with beta-access as a perk. This way you might even get paid by beta-readers!

    2. Hi,
      I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy listening to your books on Audible.
      They are definitely among the top ones out there!
      I like how they are somewhat close to a LitRPG in some aspects, but without being LitRPG.
      Keep the good work up!
      Best regards from Germany

  1. Hey, I have really enjoyed all of your work this far, it is surprisingly difficult to find non depressing fantasy that is still interesting (also I love alliterations). I have not read the second broken mirrors book jet but am exited to, now that I know definitivly (I suspected it before) that Taelien is Keras and the last book will come out soon. But while I really enjoyed Six Sacred Swords (more than anticipated) I want to go back to Corin and his friends, learn more about the misterious girl, Tristan ans of course the magic!
    If the third Arcene Acension book were to come out next, I know I would also appreciate Weapons and Wielders 2 more, if I wouldn’t see it as a substitute and something to brige the time with.
    So pleeeeeeas release Arcene Acension 3 next!

      1. You can set up a Patreon with beta-access as a perk. This way you might even get paid by beta-readers!

  2. Congratulations! And looking forward to it. Take all the time you need to be happy with the end product.

  3. Hi!
    I’m very nearly finished with Stealing Sorcery, which I’m listening to on Audible. I was wondering if you could give any insight into how much longer, if at all, the release time tends to be for the audiobook version versus the printed version?
    Thanks for your time ☺️

    1. It varies a *lot* based on the availability of the narrator and the amount of post production necessary. At a minimum, a few months (like Six Sacred Swords). In some cases, though, it can be close to a year (like On the Shoulders of Titans).

  4. I would thoroughly invest however much time you need for an opportunity to become a beta-reader. Your writing style is enjoyable to read nonstop.

  5. Andrew,
    I saw that you not taking new beta readers now, but if you find you need some more later, I would love to be included. Went back and re listened to forging Divinity and Stealing sorcery before listening to Six sacred swords, followed by re-listening to both AA1 & 2. Loved then all even more the second time as I missed or didn’t understand so much on the first read. Great work can’t wait for more works from you.

  6. My youngish kids love these books and based on Arcane Ascension, the strong language of book 2 of War of Broken Mirrors took me by surprise. Is Book 3 similar in that regard? Thank you.

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