Six Sacred Swords – Audio Release on April 30th

Just a minor update.

I’ve gotten confirmation that the audio release of Six Sacred Swords is set for April 30th! This’ll be on Audible, much like my other titles, and once again narrated by the amazing Nick Podehl.

In terms of my other works:

  • Defying Destiny (War of Broken Mirrors 3) is about 80% written. I’m finally making steady progress with it. It’ll still be a while before it sees a release, since I’ll need to do beta reading and editing for it after the manuscript is done, but I’m in the final stretch of the hardest part.
  • I’ve paused working on Weapons and Wielders 2 and Arcane Ascension 3 to buckle down and finish Defying Destiny.
  • I have some other new side projects I’m very excited about, but I’m barely starting on them until I get Defying Destiny done.

That’s it for now.

9 thoughts on “Six Sacred Swords – Audio Release on April 30th

    1. I’ve technically already started, but it’s probably a year or more from being finished. I need to finish Broken Mirrors 3, AA3, and Weapons and Wielders 2 before I release it, unless something changes.

      1. So what I’m getting here is that you need to aquire more Andrew Rowes. How long does it take for the Andrew Rowe-ificarion process to complete after you’ve obfained a fresh-faced young and naive author?

  1. Well darn. I just went and re-read the thing last week because I thought this was still a ways off.

    Oh well. Still going to listen to it on release.

  2. 1. Good on you for buckling down on DD3. Once you finish it, you never have to write it again! (I mean, i like it. But if you don’t thats ok too)
    2. W&W1 was great! Great job! I loved everything about it, greatly appreciate the Hero Trope-skewering and tongue-in-cheek narration, which you totally nailed. I’ve rambled to multiple friends about how great it was.
    3. In your headcanon (which, I guess is the only one that matters), what’s the reading order for your world now? Chronologically DD3 comes before W&W, but publication order CAN work since that’s what you’re doing. Once DD3 exists, will you recommend reading DD in entirety before W&W?

    1. 1. I’ve actually considered rewriting some of my books eventually (especially Forging Divinity), but getting this done will still be a big step in the right direction. =)

      2. Thank you, I’m glad you liked it! It’s definitely a tonal shift from my other books, but I felt like it was fun writing something lighter.

      3. Yes, once WOBM3 comes out, I’ll recommend reading it before W&W.

      I also often recommend people start with SAM these days, since I consider it a better hook for the setting and more representative of my general writing style. Forging Divinity is more generic.

  3. Is the new mana in seras sword called vay’kes or somthing like that and is what keras can weild the oppisite and you have really stumped me on what the crystal that protected dawnbringer is if it lead to keras speed enhancing ability

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