Actual Non April Fools Updates and Information

Hey everyone,

Sorry if I scared anyone with my April Fools announcement too much. =D

I am, in fact, still continuing to write my books. In fact, last month was pretty productive.

Some project specific updates:

  • I got through some major content for Defying Destiny. It’s still not done, but I’d put it at around the 75% mark.
  • The second Weapons and Wielders book is well into being written. This is largely because Six Sacred Swords was originally going to include a lot more content, but I split it into multiple books. As such, I already had a clear outline of what was going to go into this one, and I’ve gotten underway on it. I’d say it’s about 25% written, but I may stop working on it to focus on Arcane Ascension 3 next.
  • I wrote a bit of Arcane Ascension 3 – it’s at about 5% progress.
  • I’ve been itching to do some new stuff, so I’ve have a couple small projects in progress.
  • The first is a LitRPG novella. It’s basically a Zelda and Dragon Quest parody, similar to something like Yuusha Yoshihiko, Legend of Neil, Endro!, or Maoyu. This is a short project that I don’t expect to take up much time. I’ve wanted to write something that’s more of a “traditional” LitRPG for a while, and this is something of a test case for that.
  • I’ve got a bit of writing done on a more martial arts focused story (something more like Naruto or a xianxia epic). I’m enjoying getting this started, but it’s still probably a long way off.
  • I spent some more time working on a tabletop rules set for Arcane Ascension, but I’m a little conflicted about it. This would be a stand alone rules set, but I’m debating switching over to making it a Pathfinder compatible game instead. I’m not sure what would appeal to my fans more – I’ll be curious what people think.

To give a little more context behind some of my side projects, I’m going to give a little bit of explanation about the genesis of my main book setting as a whole.

So, the earliest seeds of my book universe came from online chat role-playing on AOL. For those of you were around in those days, maybe you saw me and friends playing prototypes for some of this setting’s characters in the Red Dragon Inn or that sort of thing.

The real meat of it started coming in when I wanted to write games for the IFGS (International Fantasy Gaming Society), a major live action role-playing organization. One of the player characters I created at that time was none other than Jonan Kestrian. While he’s changed significantly in his book incarnation, his affiliation and basic personality characteristics came from playing him in a LARP.

I didn’t actually end up running many events with the IFGS, but it got me working on the bits and pieces of setting information that would serve as a foundation for the next stage, which was much more important.

In college, I started running a tabletop game. This was where many of the elements that are recognizable today started – the tabletop versions of Salaris, Wrynn Jaden, Velthryn, House Theas, and the earliest seeds of Rendalir.

Years later, I started running my own LARP campaign based in the same world.

That LARP campaign started out on Mythralis – the continent used in Forging Divinity – but involved visiting other parts of the world, as well as travelers from other locations.

This is where things get super relevant for future books. Each of the other continents has a different “flavor” to it – Tyrenia is heavy on alchemy, Vylin Tor is war-torn and filled with beasts, and Artinia is heavily focused on martial arts and spiritual powers.

Some of my earlier, unpublished books, go into these areas. Marks of Iron is an entire novel written in Tyrenia (well, the intro is in Vashendamir, but almost all of it). Dreams of Jade was one of my very first attempts at writing a book, and it’s on Artinia. As you may be able to discern from the name, Wrynn Jaden was the protagonist.

When you see me talking about side projects, many – but not all – of them are going to be ways to explore these other continents that existed in the tabletop game/LARP. In some cases, I may just revise my existing books, but in many cases I’ll just be writing new ones.

I love fleshing out entire worlds like this, and I’m hoping that my readers will enjoy seeing the distinct cultures, religions, and magic systems for each continent. You can also expect to see crossover elements showing up more and more over time.

(As an important note, none of these books actually cover the events of my LARPs, tabletops, etc. They’re set in a different time period. I may do some of that someday, but things like Forging Divinity aren’t actually based directly on gameplay. That’s a valid style, but it’s not what I’m doing – I’m just writing in a RPG universe.)

Thanks for reading, and I hope my April Fools joke didn’t scare anyone too much!

19 thoughts on “Actual Non April Fools Updates and Information

  1. I would love to play the Arcane Ascension RPG! Admittedly, I would rather it have a novel rule system, or adapt another fairly simple system (5E, Apocalypse, Genesis) rather than Pathfinder. Pathfinder is fun, but with all the books it becomes expensive, and the complexity of high level characters becomes cumbersome.

  2. I would love a pathfinder ruleset! I’ve been trying to get my group to do a campaign in your world.

  3. I’d love to see a Pathfinder 2E rules set also! I am loving the books and setting, thank you. (I really like your audible performer)

  4. I’m so happy to hear that AA3 is in progress! I was heartbroken when my audiobook for On the Shoulders of Titans finished and realised it’d realistically be a while before I get to walk with Corin again since you had just released this book! In the meantime I’ll be enjoying the War of Broken Mirrors and Six Sacred Swords… But AA has now got a special place in my heart!

  5. How can I ever trust you again Andrew! /s

    On a more serious note, I’m glad to hear that Defying Destiny is comming along. It’s the only IP from you I havent read yet, as I’ve been holding out. Maybe if I read what’s published really slowly the next book will come out as I finish reading.

  6. Love the concept of an Arcane Ascension RPG, just maybe not in Pathfinder. I have a system I’m developing that straddles the line of Chaosium’s Basic RPG and the new Star Trek RPG from Modiphius. If you’re interested to hear more, let me know. I really love the books and would love to play something in those worlds.

    1. Thanks for the offer!

      I appreciate the offer, but if I was going to go with a non-D&D or Pathfinder system, I’d just use the one I was already working on. (It’s already pretty far along; I’ve run playtests and such.)

      The main appeal of switching to D&D or Pathfinder would be familiarity, so switching to another system wouldn’t really work for that.

      I really appreciate the thought, though, and thank you again for the offer! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the books. It’s always good to hear from another game designer.

      1. Thanks for the offer! I used to do Strategicon all the time, a decade or so ago. =) Not a lot of time these days, but maybe I’ll see you out at one eventually!

  7. Me and my husband are so excited for the next Arcane Ascension book, we love listening to it together, sometimes we play it to fall asleep to lol. Thank you for making such a fun series!

  8. Honestly I really think you world is something that could be adapted into a very refreshing mmo. it has been far too long since someone has gone the direction of a skill based mmo rather then a class based one. Corin is an excellent example of using skills outside the box. The ability to get different combinations of attuements WIC provide endless variety depending on how they were played in the different combinations. say a diviner shaper who focused on crowd control binding mobs in chains or catching them in leg traps while seeing a ghost image of where they intend to go or what they are about to do. The same attunements might also be played as a tank For shadowing mobs changing targets. Perhaps integrating safe mana levels where you can exceed them but risk lowering your max in such a way that even end game players face the real possibility of reversing their progress by taking on challenges that push them to their limits. For attuements that bind monsters each create would great abilities based on the atonement binding it. For the majority of the explored attuements A system allowing the player to combine traits into an ability to use allowing them to combine more traits or stronger traits as the progress.
    When they get other attunements the may be able to combine abilities to something new such as a shadow motion user being able to move faster while cloaked.
    Tombs teaching new abilities might be found in the towers that could be sold while others might have to be obtained by visiting a shrine with in the tower.

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