Goodreads Giveaway for Six Sacred Swords

For anyone who hasn’t picked up Six Sacred Swords yet, there’s a giveaway for the Kindle edition up over on Goodreads! I’m giving away 100 copies. If you’re interested, you can enter the giveaway through Goodreads for a chance to win one of those copies!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Six Sacred Swords by Andrew Rowe

Six Sacred Swords

by Andrew Rowe

Giveaway ends March 18, 2019.

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at Goodreads.

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23 thoughts on “Goodreads Giveaway for Six Sacred Swords

  1. I love your books, and I recommended them to a South African friend. They read Sufficiently Advanced Magic but we’re dissappointed that the second one wasn’t available in their region yet (for Kindle). Is there any chance it might be available soon?

    1. That’s strange – I don’t know why one book would be available and not the other. They’re both published through Kindle Direct Publishing.

      I’ll take a look and see if there are any settings I need to change. It may just be a matter of something on Amazon’s end, though.

    1. Sorry about that. =( I don’t have any control over the regions available for the giveaway.

      I hope you enjoy the book if you decide to pick it up! Thanks for the support.

      1. No worries. I just finished On the Shoulders of Titans and started Forging Divinity. I think I’ll run out of your books pretty soon. I haven’t been able to find an enjoyable new series for some time so I really should thank you. I bought Sufficiently Advanced Magic on a whim based on Audible suggestions. Never regretted it. Great work!

      2. @ mostafa

        if you’re looking for a good series to read, I highly reccomen will wight’s unsouled.

      3. @Cool Person

        As it happens, I’ve been thinking about trying Will Wight’s works, since I had heard they are similar to Andrew’s. I’ll be sure to give Unsouled a try. I just bookmarked it on Audible.Thanks for the suggestion.

    1. It’s both. It’s the first book in a spin-off/prequel series from Keras’ perspective. It takes place before Arcane Ascension, but on the same continent, and there will be some familiar places and faces throughout the series.

  2. No US only, looks like I’ll have to get it off Amazon. Love your books by the way. Progression Fantasy is def my new favourite genre.

  3. Cant wait for it to come out on audible! I have read and listened to all your books and love them all!! Already waiting for book 3 on war of broken mirrors and ascension.

  4. I thought about posting this in an earlier message thread, but I am not sure if people are still reading it.

    Regarding questions of relative timing, etc. between the two series, I noticed recently some interesting passages. On The Shoulders of Titans location 10994 or page 468 of 741 on my Kindle at the beginning of Chapter XVIII, when Corin, Patrick, and Mara were about to enter the School Fake version of the Temple of Fire, as well as page 462, a few pages earlier. The Temples (Light, Fire, Stone, Ice or Water (probably Ice), and at a educated guess Metal and Air . We already been told that Metal is associated with the God Beast of Dalenos) are thousands of years old, each (Temple) with their associated Sword that house the prime crystals of each element and were some of earliest sources of magic for humanity during the pre-Attunement period. Some people believe that the goddess (Selys) used the elemental temples as blueprints for building the Spires, and Lord Teft agrees with Corin.

    Then the key passage on page 468: “The first sightings of Selys were only about four hundred years ago, right before the spires themselves appeared. The most common theory is that there were older gods here thousands of years ago, and that they left or died out.” Then Patrick thinks that The Tyrant in Gold probably killed them.

    So the about four hundred years ago when Selys was first seen is a close match (allowing for rounding for conversational purposes) to the year being 412 when their class started and very early 413 (in the month of Snow) when they had the graduation ball that got attacked. Plus we know that the Shifting Spires appeared just after that, i.e. about four hundred years ago.

    So assuming that Selys and others do not leave the other continent (or rest of the world) until after or at the end of Book 3 (Defying Destiny) of Broken Mirrors, that means that it has been at least 413 years, approximately, between the two Series. Until new Books come out, that is about the best we can do with the information presently available to us.

  5. We know from the very end of Shoulders when Corin visited the shop (run by Lars) he buys stuff from, that there is a Temple of Air or the Wind Temple with a prime crystal of Air, and the name of the Sword is Cloudcutter.

    So that ties down 5 of the 6 elements (Light, Fire, Stone, Air, Ice (or possibly Water)) that have Temples and Sacred Swords. As indicated in my previous message I suspect that the 6th Temple is Metal (or something closely related in concept).

  6. We do not know what was the starting point or event for the dating system. It is possible that it is the year that people and their Noble/Magical(?) Houses fled the rest of the world to escape the Tyrant in Gold. This is a good a guess as any for when the dating system started. We also do not know when during the year the monthly calender system starts, but somewhere around the Winter Solistice is a reasonable guess, or maybe the start of Winter slightly before that.

  7. Also there may have been a short period, ten to twelve years or so, between when they (all of the refugees) arrived and the establishment of the Spires. During which Selys and the Visages were studying the very old 6 elemental Towers and creating the basis for the Attunement System and the Shifting Spires. Some of which drew upon knowledge and systems of magic from where they fled from that we see in the Shattered Mirrors Books, including Blake Hartigan and others, particularly 3 immortal human magicians (Blake was one of them). There is a lot of history still to be revealed to us.

  8. I know that this is off-topic, but do you have any updates as to your upcoming releases? I’m craving more of your books.

    1. Sure, some quick update notes.

      * War of Broken Mirrors Book 3 isn’t done, but it’s a lot closer. I’m finally starting to see the light on the horizon here. I’m hoping to get the first draft done within the next month or two.

      * I’ve written a few scenes for AA3 and done some significant outlining. I have a lot of the major plot points.

      * The sequel to Six Sacred Swords is further along than AA3 (~25% or so), but I may stop working on it to finish AA3 when WOBM3 is done. I’m not sure yet.

      * I have some other side projects I’ve been working on to keep myself energized, but it’s too early to provide a lot of details.

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