Stabby Awards!

On the Shoulders of Titans is up for Stabby awards in two categories (Best Self-Published Novel and Best Novel)!

/r/fantasy on Reddit is my main “home” on the internet, so this contest has always been important to me.

There are a ton of other awesome books (and other categories) up for awards right now, and I’d encourage you to check them out and vote for whatever your favorites may be (my books or otherwise).

If you’re interested in voting for anything, all you have to do is upvote the relevant comment on Reddit. There’s a screenshot below for reference.

You can find the awards here.

Thanks to everyone for the support throughout the year! I can’t wait to hear what people think of the audio book and prequel. =D


8 thoughts on “Stabby Awards!

  1. I’ve tried to click on the link to vote but it doesn’t do anything. Can you provide the Reddit link.

  2. hey I was just wondering if profeser vellum is a sorcerer because she slips up and says domi than quickly corrects herself. Also she is seen making a flame come out of her hand ( could be a magic ring/braclet ). Also she is able to banish a monster and I would asume that would take alot of travel mana so she could have transported herself to the new continent. Sorry about my spelling and if you want it to be a mystery don’t answer.

  3. I’m truly excited for On The Shoulders of Titans. I just relistened to Sufficiently Advanced Magic this past week. With nothing to hold me over tell the next book I decided to take on The War of Broken Mirrors. Let me just say that the trial between Taelien , Maelros(????) the god of war and the 4 Queen’s gaurd was absolutely amazing. The best battle I think I’ve ever heard. It was so well written it had me on the edge of my seat just like the rest of the crowd. Thanks for all the wonderful adventures.

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