Some End of Year Updates

Hey all,

The audio book version of On the Shoulders of Titans is almost out, and preorders are finally available! You can find that here.

Here are some updates on other things I’ve been working on.

Six Sacred Swords is currently still with my beta readers. I’m making changes based on the first round of beta reader feedback – both in terms of story changes and simple things like corrections. I’m aiming to try to get the manuscript to a professional editor within the next few weeks if possible, but it will depend on the scope of feedback from my remaining beta readers.

Defying Destiny is still in progress. I’m still aiming to get it finished before the end of next year, but I’m still having difficulty with it. I’ve learned a lot from this process, however, and that’s going to influence how I work on books in the future – namely, I’m not going to commit to working on or releasing specific books in a certain sequence.

I’ve found that I work much, much better if I write what I’m currently excited about. That might mean that I end up writing multiple books in a row for the same series, for example, or it might mean that I work on multiple books at the same time. The important part for me seems to be just working on something that I’m really interested in seeing written down. This might seem intuitive, but it often conflicts with trying to release books on a set schedule, or in a specific already announced sequence.

This doesn’t mean I plan to abandon any series or any of my current obligations.

I’m still going to be working on finishing Defying Destiny, then the third Arcane Ascension book (likely at the same time as Part 2 of Six Sacred Swords).

What it does mean is that after Arcane Ascension Book 3, I’m probably going to experiment a bit more and work on whatever strikes my fancy at the time, rather than planning out a specific release order. Maybe that means I’ll jump straight into Arcane Ascension Book 4, maybe I’ll go off and finally write a pure LitRPG. Feeling obligated to finish Defying Destiny in a certain time frame is a big part of what made it a struggle, and I think my whole writing process will go more smoothly if I focus on whatever I’m passionate about at the time.

I have a number of other books I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve stopped myself from working on them because I feel like I have to be spending all my writing time on the things I’ve committed to. For example, I’m very interested in releasing a pure LitRPG, since I have a background in the gaming industry and think I’d have a unique take on the genre. I’m also interested in dabbling with urban fantasy and superhero fiction at some point, and I have a few other side-stories for Arcane Ascension and the War of Broken Mirrors that I’m interested in working on at some point (like a Sera book and a Wrynn Jaden book).

I’d like to thank all my readers for their support, and I hope you all have a fantastic new year!

13 thoughts on “Some End of Year Updates

  1. I’m excited for the future of exploring your fantasy universes. Thank you for making 2018 bearable with your incredible writing and characters. I can’t wait for Arcan Ascension Book 2 Audible version and all the other goodies to follow in 2019. Once again, Thank you and have a happy New year!!

  2. Whatever you wind up writing, I’m sure it will be fantastic. That being said, as much as I like your current series, I would love to see what you would do with a superhero novel.

  3. Pre-ordered!!! Been waiting for this day! Happy new year to you, Andrew! May 2019 be a prolific year for you.

  4. Can’t wait on six sacred swords. Your universe with arcane ascension is fairly unique and captivating which is why I’d be up for any additional stories on it.

  5. You be you! A book that is a labor of love just seems like a much better thing to read than the product of painfully grinding out a commitment…
    That said I would love it ,if you would love to write the rest of the AA books next, but as I said, I’m happy waiting for the best product.

    Good Luck, Have Fun, and thank you for choosing to tell your stories!

    1. Thanks for the support!

      I completely agree with you – it shows when a book was written just to appeal to the market or out of obligation, rather than out of love.

      I love all my series, but sometimes I’m in a better frame of mind to write for one thing than another. I’d like to take advantage of that more. I think it’ll improve my overall quality, even if it means that some series end up being put on hold from time to time for me to work on whatever I’m currently passionate about.

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