Audio Book Release Date

I finally have a release date for the audio book version of On the Shoulders of Titans – it’s January 15th!

Not sure if we’ll have preorders or not yet. Will update if I learn more!

Audio Book Cover Medium.jpg

22 thoughts on “Audio Book Release Date

  1. Wonderful! I’ve gotten a ton of friends hooked with the first book, they will all be excited to hear the second is coming in audio form. Nick Podehl does a great performance!

  2. Genuine question: do audiobook preorders offer any additional support to the author in anyway (monetary or otherwise) ? From the consumer side I generally don’t see a point to doing it. An audiobook can’t be out of stock the way a hardcover book can. However, if it actually benefits my favorite authors I would certainly start.

    1. The only advantage to the author that I can think of is that preorders help build up the early rankings for the product, and thus may help build hype by making the book more likely to show up in searches.

      I’m honestly not any sort of expert on how audio book preorders work, though. Mine are handled through a publisher (Podium Publishing), so I know next to nothing about that process.

      From a reader/listener’s standpoint, I sometimes preorder things just so I don’t forget about them.

  3. I got the book as soon as it came out being unable to wait but the audio book will be nice for workouts and drives. The first was one of the few audio books I listened to more than twice. I’m sure it will do well on audible.

  4. I bought a physical copy and have been reading it with my BF. he is so happy for the audio book to come out so we can hear the great performance. I do love being able to see the runes included in the novel too.

  5. Cant wait! Listened to the other one many times and plan to hear this one multiple times also. Read when released on Kindle, I’m not a masochists… but I drive for work so audio is ideal.

      1. Oh, ok I already had it purchased in my library so no worries there, just was looking for additional books from you and book 1 wasn’t appearing in search, lol. Just purchased both mirrors books , sure I will enjoy them too, thx

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