ARCs Sent Out and Cover Reveal

Hey all,

Some status updates!

On the Shoulders of Titans is still with my editor, but I felt comfortable enough with the current condition to go ahead and send out a few ARCs – those are “Advance Review Copies” (sometimes called “Advance Reader Copies”, or other similar terms), or pre-release copies, for people who aren’t familiar with the concept.

Basically, ARCs traditionally go out to book reviewers, other authors, and people who are likely to make a splash if they enjoy the book.

In my case, I’ve only sent it to a handful of people – mostly judges from the self-published blog off who asked me for one after finishing the first book. I don’t expect that to make a big impact on my book sales, since this book is a sequel and most of my readers who are interested are probably going to pick it up regardless of reviews. For me, sending out the ARCs was mostly a “thank you” for the people who have shown a lot of interest in seeing it early.

I thought about sending ARCs to some of the most active people on this blog as well, but I decided I didn’t want to send something unedited to my biggest fans.

Instead, I’d like to post more unique content on the blog to help thank the people who have been checking here regularly.

So, to get that rolling, you can be the first to see the cover!

ws5 small

Notably, the typography isn’t on there yet – but I’m hoping to have that within about another week or two.

I’m extremely pleased with how this one turned out – it’s one of my favorite covers to date. Once again, my artist is Daniel Kamarudin, and he’s getting better all the time!

While I’ve been waiting for the editor’s notes, I’ve been working on Defying Destiny, the third book in the War of Broken Mirrors series. I’d put it at about 1/8 written at this point, although it’s hard to say, because my books have been getting longer and longer.

I also have some pre-writing done for Six Sacred Swords, the Keras spin-off. I’m very excited about that one, and I think my more action-focused readers are going to like that one a lot.

I’ll post again when I have a better idea of when the edits will be done.

Thanks to everyone for supporting me, and for your patience while waiting for the sequel. Believe me, I want nothing more than to just be done and ready to hit publish, but I think it’s important to give the editor the time he needs.

106 thoughts on “ARCs Sent Out and Cover Reveal

  1. Not gonna lie, looking forward to the new book like few before it; BUT that cover is the least imaginative, most anaemic, and most disappointing thing I’ve seen since the film supposedly based on Ready Player One

    1. Personally, I love what Daniel did with the cover. But art – much like writing – is inherently subjective. I’m sorry you didn’t like the cover, but I hope you enjoy the book itself!

      1. Personally, I think the cover is great.

        Good motion, lighting is on point, Magical effects look suitably magical.

        Typography will probably be the key part though: can be a bit fiddly fitting the text in a way that both doesn’t drown the image, but also has sufficient punch itself.

        Is Corin’s hand wearing ice armor there? 🙂 hmmmmm…

  2. Cant Wait! I heard that Broken Mirrors and Arcane Ascension are in the same world. Where can I find this information? Is it world as in planet or world as in universe? Broken Mirrors has a lot of similar names to AA like Hartigan, Theas, and Lydia even mentioned a childhood friend named Keras. Would this be the same Keras we see in AA?

    1. Based off of things the author has said in posts, and replies to questions we have direct confirmation it is the same world in separate time periods. For instance he said (paraphrased) karas is not a character from the war of broken mirrors series, but that was a common name at the time.

    2. The reply below is correct. They’re in the same universe, but the “Keras” that Lydia grew up with is not the Keras in the Arcane Ascension books. That said, it’s a hint that Keras is a common name where she’s from, which is significant.

      There will be much clearer crossover between the books as time goes on.

  3. The cover art is beautiful!!! Im not 100% how to describe this, but I feel like it is missing something anchoring it down, if that makes any sense? I think the typography could definitely fix that. Again, I love the artwork, especially the effects coming off of the characters. Makes me that much more excited to see the book!

  4. Love the cover art!
    This is a great update to wake up and read. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, I’m dying to know what is up with Corins second atunement.

    Any chance I could get an ARC to find out? 😛

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    1. I’m glad you like the cover!

      I’m not giving ARCs out to fans for this particular book, but I may change that policy for future books. Not sure.

      I hope you enjoy the book when it comes out!

      1. I thought as much but always best to ask and confirm rather than assume and miss out completely 🙂

        Keep up the good work!

  5. There are has been some discussion about the two series being on the same World, with some info revealed by the Author. Try looking through the several Blog entries, some of them have a lot of comments by the fans with some responses by the Author. He has not revealed much on the subject, except that they are the same World, not even the relative time periods.

    Some of us (including me) think that the crisis that seems to be coming in Book 3 of Broken Mirrors might be related to the Tyrant in Gold that we see mentioned in SAM. Which results (it may take more than one Book to play out) in some survivors, including possible deities or near deities, fleeing to another continent to escape the Tyrant in Gold. Where they setup the Attunement system plus Shifting Towers we see in SAM, probably to keep him from following them, or to get ready to fight him again in the future, or both.

    In particular, see the dream/memory that Corin has just after the first of the mock Tower School Tests for the party of five students, as well as the Test itself. Keras seems to have some off continent connection/origin to the original area of the Broken Mirrors area of the World. As well as discussions about the Jaden Box and it’s maker.

  6. I am done speculating ( I have done too much of it) about Book 2 (other than the Cover Art) and I am waiting eagerly to see the Book. I assume that the person holding the Blue Sword is Sera, and wonder who she is fighting (assuming that it is a real fight and not a practice) and why they are fighting.

    1. Hmm isn’t the person holding the blue sword a male? Could it be Corin with Selys-Lyann? Also, the one she is fighting might be a Guardian? I see the “power”/mana gathered at her fists.

      1. Note the ice armor on the wilder of the blue sword. I think this is corin, if the sword is Selys-Lyann. I also think that it is because he is the main character in this story, and it’s likely he would be on the cover.

  7. This is amazing! I’ve been checking your site daily for updates. Looking forward to the new book.

  8. Are those two corin and Marissa if so wow I never thought they would look so attractive

    1. It’s so weird that I never visualised any characters face other than keras and magnus

      1. Should Corin’s attunement marks be visible at least on his forehead on the cover? It makes sense not see Marissa’s if her under shirt covers the upper parts of her mark, and Corin’s new attunement mark is covered so that makes sense too.

      2. So is that Corin with a blue shroud indicating that he’s had a massive power-up, or is the blue coming from the sword? Perhaps even from some effect of his new attunement?

  9. It’s awesome that you’re so involved with the fans of your content. I like the cover art but I personally prefer not seeing character’s faces, otherwise awesome work. Looking forward to reading and rereading your book.

    1. Yeah, I can see the argument about leaving character facial features open to interpretation. That’s actually part of why I tend to be relatively light on physical description for characters in general – it lets people project themselves onto cast members more easily.

      That said, you can always just see these versions of the characters as one artist’s intepretations – much like how Dresden in the books doesn’t wear a hat, but he’s always pictured with one on the covers of the books. =)

  10. We know that Katashi’s sword is blue crystal, I am not sure we know the color of Selys-Lyann. I think that the artist is trying to give a hint of their shrouds around each of them. The figure on the left seems to be female, I am not sure about the figure on the right. Given all the debris around them, I think it is a real fight, not a practice. The figure on the left may be a Guardian type. I think of Sera as more of a sword fighter than Corin, she has had a lot more training than Corin on sword fighting.

  11. I much prefer the cover of SAM.

    I’m really want to know what Corin’s new mark does and how your going to handle one of the main characters not being able to talk.

    I hope the book comes out soon.

  12. Take your time. I would rather have a quality product than one that is sloppy and poorly written. I look forward to reading it. The new cover is beautiful. Some nay sayers will always look to tear something down, but I really enjoy the fantastical elements of it. Besides, if they can do better let them submit what they believe should be there. Anyway thank you for sharing you gift.

  13. So are Corin and Marissa really fighting each other (and about what) or is it just practice? We will see when the Book comes out.

  14. Can’t wait for new book! I enjoy your books.
    I like the planning and logic behind much of it.

    Foreign dueling canes relying on mechanical parts for the extension of the blade to simplify the enchanting necessary reducing the cost to produce because foreigners would have more limited supply of enchanters.

    With a attunement being part of a larger whole has described by Professor Vellum I’m rooting for the idea of it being a battle oriented attunement that diversifies his use into two more types of Mana. Any Attunement will increases Mana regeneration and he already uses the mana from his hand for enchanting so it seems redundant although there is an idea of multiple attunements in the same field having compounding effect which would be interesting if it is an enchanting Attunement either way I think it’ll be interesting to see. Waiting to learn more about Attunement theory.

    1. I and others have had a lot of discussion on Corin’s Mark of Glory,for details see the other Blog entries. I think that most of us think that he got a combat Attunement out of it. The debate is over which one and what Mana Types that he got.

      A lot of debate is over the Soul Blade Attunement. The anti side of the argument is that Derek, who has Soul Blade himself, ought to recognize it in Corin’s new Mark, and since he did NOT recognize Soul Blade, that idea seemed to be ruled out.

      I originally felt the same way, until I realized that maybe Corin might get Soul Blade as a combination between the Manas of both Marks. Derek earlier told Corin that Soul Blade was like a cross between Enchanter and Summoner. So what is common to both of them: Transference, so probably the second Mana is something different from either of them. A good possibility might be Life (or possibly Spirit), which I think might be in the center of Corin’s Mark of Glory. So maybe Corin, could get Soul Blade via Life (or something else in his new Mark) and Transference (in his Enchanter Mark) between the two Marks. Also Selys-Lyann seems to be a Sword used in the past by other Soul Blade attuned people. Plus there may already be a spirit or being linked to it.

      The remaining ideas are about other possible mana types, I feel that since Selys-Lyann, Corin’s Sword, has Ice and Spirit Runes on it, that he needs to have the same Manas himself to use it properly. In particular, he needs Ice to keep from freezing himself (almost) to death with the Sword (again). Others feel that is redundant and unnecessary since the Sword will give him those manas. I also think that he might get Water, since it is an elemental mana type that Valia does not have, but Dalenos might have, so it would make a good addition to their party.

      Other possible attunements are limited by the ones we have heard mentioned by name: Sword Master and Legionaire are combat attunements (but we do not know if they come from Dalenos, or what mana types they are, Legionaire may be similar to Guardian). Non combat attunemtents we have heard of include Wayfarer, Seer, Analyst, and a few others ( I am not listing any of Valia’s Attunements, since it is not one of them.) One point in favor of Soul Blade is that it is a Dalenos Attunement from Katashi’s Tower and country. Wayfarer is also from Dalenos .

      However, since it is a Mark of Glory, it is probably different from the standard Attunements of Dalenos. An interesting question is how MANY mana types Corin might get from it. The minimum is two. I think that a special Mark of Glory ought to have more manas or unusual manas. Since there are 4 separate lines, I am hoping for 4 mana types.

      My favored combination is Life, Spirit, Ice, and Water, with a secondary possibility of Distance (I am guessing at the mana ‘s Name) to get Wayfarer (for teleportation, and moving around in a room in a Tower) and possibly Seer (to see at a long distance). The two runes on either side of the middle rune are fairly similar to each other, so perhaps they are Ice and Water. With Corin getting Soul Blade out of one of the combinations, including his Enchanter Mark.

      One point in favor of Sword Master is that Corin’s Mother has it, on the other hand his brother Tristan may already have it and I would expect Corin to get something different from his brother. I suspect that Tristan also has some kind of illusion or vision obsucuring attunement involving Umbra.

      Speculating about Sera’s added to Mark has not drawn much attention for some reason. She probably picked up at least one, maybe two mana types. Since it is a Lung Mark, it would be very useful for her to get some form of teleportation abilities, perhaps Wayfarer or something similar, to teleport their entire party (once she gets healed) like Prof Orden was doing. Other possibilities would include area related combat spells. Another possibility is Life, although I think Corin already got that.

      1. Having Transference mana and Air mana from 2 different attunements makes you a summoner? I dont think so. I think you just get a variety of mana and you can use that mana for your own attunements. For example corin would be able to make enchantments that require air mana on his own, if his mark of glory gives him access to air mana.

      2. How many types of Mana are there?
        Does the primary versus secondary mana type inside of an Attunement make a difference on what you’re able to do with the Attunement?
        Say 8 Mana types and order matters
        Permutation of 8 taken 2 at a time = 56 attunement combinations
        7 towers 8 attunements per tower = 56

        I thought there was 8 mana types but there seems to be more (is ice and water one or two? ) plus there seems to be an 8th tower?

        Could there be more types of Mana but only 8 that appear in Tower combinations and his Mark of Honor have unique type(s)?

        I think a shroud might have be enough for him to be able to use in the ice armor of the sword. With the Shroud I could see it being very similar to the elemental Shield he’s wanting to create.

        I’m looking forward to see if see if Sarah gets healed and what happened to her mark.

      3. I think that Ice is not a ‘base’ aspect for attunements, in the same way that lightning isnt one.
        Ice is similarly much more likely to be an combination of Water and Air.
        This also keeps in tune with some of the mana types we already know are base types; Air, Fire, and Earth.There’s also Light and Umbra (darkness) which covers the classical elements in japanese culture.

      4. possible spiilers but, after reading some of the rules and such from Mr Rowe’s larp page. I would guess that Corin’s mark has something to do with personal enhancement.

        I also do not believe that just with access to other “magic types” would give you access to whole attunments, just new abilities within your current attunment/s. anything more would be a little odd as there would be a ton more overlapping abilities.

  15. i just noticed it they have same uniform corin’s uniform doesn’t have red accents is he changing division phoenix to tortoise

    1. Your right! And with the shroud around him, maybe his new attunement is guardian oriented? Unless the shroud is from selys-lyann?

      1. That blue aura is probably from selys-lyann at first I thought he’s new visage mark something like elemental or sharper or combination of both but only for fire element but now i think it’s more like soulblade

      2. Remember that when you level past Quartz you obtain a shroud no mater the attunement and Corin was very close to this. My Guess is the aura’s are their shroud’s.

    1. This was just an artistic choice; it was too small to look good. (It’s the same reason why Lydia doesn’t have glasses on the cover of Forging Divinity and Jonan doesn’t on the cover of Stealing Sorcery – it’s purely an art thing.)

  16. I have seriously been dying slowly, since I finished the first book last year in march – that’s many months of dying btw! I have been checking this page almost every day, hoping for a: TADA! the book is out. And I am incredibly happy, that we are THIS close now.

    I will admit, that the new cover didn’t blow me away to begin with, but it’s growing on me, every time I see it (and yeah, I have been checking it out many times since it was posted). It looks to me, like Corins entire arm is a weapon? Anyway, together with the new title (which btw is awesome!), I am sure the cover will be perfect.

    This is the most anticipated book for me this year, and I seriously don’t think, you can disappoint me, Andrew!

  17. I hope we get to see Corin’s and Sera’s Father’s and Mothers’ Attunement Marks in Book 2.

  18. Have we ever learned about the scroll that Corin received during his judgment, because with how useful the book and mana water stuff he got were, I would have to guess that a scroll written in an ancient language would have to contain some cool stuff. It is never mentioned again in the entire book, after the judgement, so is it going to make a re-appearance in the next book? Or is it just a whatever item that we are just supposed to forget he has?

    1. Oh and on the cover art, I like it, and I think that the blue that is covering Corin is the ice armor that we learn about in Corin’s dream, and I think that we in the next book will finally be getting some training with the sword that we were told about but never got, I hope to see more sword training and more enchanting training, because those are some of my favorite parts in the first book, and I desperately hope that with his new attunment he doesn’t just stop enchanting all together.

  19. There is another consideration about Wayfarer, there is a good chance that it involves Air plus something else. That something else can NOT be Transference because that combination is known to be Summoner which Sera already has. So quite possibly Sera only need one additional mana type to gain WayFarer in her expanded Mark with FIVE additional lines in it, compared to the basic Summoner Mark. If WayFarer does need Air, then I doubt that Corin got it from his Mark of Glory, even combined with his Enchanter Mark. But as I said above it would be very useful to their party of students, for a LUNG Marked person, i.e. Sera, to acquire Teleportation abilities, probably through WayFarer. Corin could possibly pick up teleportation abilities through some other combination of mana types, now or in the future, if Sera does not get it.

    Another possibility for Sera would be to pick up ICE, in her expanded Mark, since she was using it a lot after she drank Corin’s Water of Attunement. Before that she was using Ice in a much more limited way by drawing on her Contract with Seiryu. But if she gets ICE then Corin probably did NOT (and vice versa).

    However, if WayFarer requires AIR and Enhancement, then I doubt that either Corin or Sera got it, because I think that Transference and Enhancement do not work well together for one person.

  20. Looking forward to the new book’s arrival. Just finished re-reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic in anticipation and think I enjoyed it even more the second time around! I have been recommending it to everyone in the litRPG subreddit crowd for a long time now. 🙂

  21. From a question that was asked in a Class regarding Air and Fire making Lightning, the Teacher replied that getting Air and Fire from two different Marks would probably work to generate Lightning as well. Plus on at least one occasion in SAM Patrick supplied Fire and Sera supplied Air to make a strong blast of Lightning. We were told that cooperative spells by multiple persons was something that they would be taught in second year. Also on another occasion a summoned being used Air and Ice to make Lightning.

    We were also told about the Primary and Secondary Manas that come with an Attunement, that most users (of an Attunement) use the Primary mana more than the Secondary mana, but there are always some people who will specialize in using the Secondary mana type.

    Finally, I think that there are a lot more than 8 mana types, we already know the names of several that Valia does not have, and I think more have been implied by Broken Mirrors. Mana types seem to correspond to different other dimensional planes (that we hear of in Broken Mirrors) that summoned creatures can come from, as well as the energy for the mana itself. I think that there are at least 20 of them, probably more.

  22. We know that basic Attunements start with 2 mana types and advanced users (with more experience) gain additional lines in their Mark, and eventually often get an additional mana type(s). I think that a Mark of Glory is something special granted by a Visage (or the Goddess) and might well start with more than two mana types, and/or have mana types not found in basic Marks. I suspect that Corin got at least 3 and possibly 4 mana types from his Mark of Glory (one for each line in his Mark). I am hoping that he got 4 mana types.

    I wonder if the supposed bad luck or curse of Sely-Lyann might be due to the fact that most users, probably with Soul Blade attunements, may have been due to them not having all the mana types in the 4 rune diagrams on the blade. In particular Spirit. We know from the dream/memory sequence that at least one user had been using that Sword for a very long time before they fled the Tryant in Gold. He also used Ice as a from of armor from the Sword and or his own abilities.

  23. So two things, i really like the cover art but fee the characters displayed on it should have attunements showing,

    Second, the name of the book is great i just thought incase you wernt aware theres a book with the same name that already exists, its a history of NASA’s project gemini.

    I am eagerly waiting to read the next book, i’m sure it will be great

  24. The Author mentioned that NASA book title in an earlier post in a different message thread.

    I came up with my estimate of at least 16 to 20 mana types in a different message thread by trying to count all of the paired mana types. In many cases we only know one of the two members of a pair of opposites/complements. I was able to come up with at least 8 pairs with some more possibles. Keep in mind that mana types seem to correspond with particular extradimensional planes, in the way that Broken Mirrors looks at magic, and that this explains where the summoned monsters/beings are coming from and returning to.

    In that message and related messages, I speculated that if normal people (non Deity/Visage level) only got at most one member of each pair of manas, that could help explain why 3 Attunement Marks seems to be the most that people get, and even that is extremely rare. Of course, the people with more than 3 Marks (if any) may just be concealing the fact that they have more than 3 Marks. Just like many Emerald level people seem to be concealing that as well. As a balancing mechanism, this keeps people from getting too many mana types and becoming too powerful. It also is why I do not expect Corin and Sera to get Enhancement since it is the complement/opposite of Transference which they already have, which will keep them from getting Diviner, Shadow, Guardian and Shaper Attunements (which need Enhancement) from any added mana types they gain. They could still get Elementalist and Mender (from the Vallia Attunements) with additional mana types. Not all possible combinations of two mana types in a Mark (or combination of several Marks) will be one of the official 8 Attunements from each of the Seven Towers (6 Visages + the Goddess)

    1. I dont think every mana type CAN be gotten through a standard tower mark, unless there are marks in the spider tower giving out absurdly rare mana types like *Whatever the heck war mana is* and if it did, people would know about it. to be fair though, they might know about it, and our hero simply does not.

  25. I doubt that all of the mana types are in the standard basic attunements from the Towers either. Some of them may be available in special Marks like Corin’s Mark of Glory, others may sometimes be added to the higher level Marks that experience brings, and some may only be available as secrets of the spider tower and the like, and are very hard to nearly impossible to get, unless you are a Visage or God Beast.

    I think that we know of at least 3 or 4 more manas from SAM (Spirit, Water, Ice, Motion, Light (opposite of Umbra)), plus more by analogy from Broken Mirrors extrapolated to SAM.

    There is a lot of info that the Author has not revealed to us yet, even things that should have been revealed in SAM, particularly what a lot of the runes look like that could have told us what Corin’s and Sera’s new or extended Marks have, what the rune diagrams on Selys-Lyann were, etc.

    But my argument/speculation about getting only one out of a pair of opposite/complements could help explain why people only get at most 2 or 3 Marks even out of the 12 to 16 manas that we think might be available in the standard basic Marks. Otherwise, why don’t we hear of people with 4 or 5 or even 6 Marks?

    People may be getting more than 3 Marks but they are probably being kept secret because of the unusual or secret manas in them or were/how they got them.

  26. Not gonna lie- loved the first cover but this one screams generic. Whatever though, the book is what really matters and I am sure it is going to be good!

  27. A minor item to discuss: How should we refer to Book 2 when it comes out? I see one basic idea with one variant: SOT for Shoulders Of Titans and SoT for Shoulders of Titans. The only difference between them is a capital case “O” versus a lower case “o”. Which do you think is preferable? The upper case O does not seem to trigger the spell checker when I was writing this message, and might be more obvious to a casual reader as being an abbreviation. While the lower case o did trigger the spell checker and is not as obvious as an abbreviation.

    So off hand I think the upper case “O” is probably preferable. (I am being a real nit picker here! lol)

    1. I would say SOT too, as (in the fantasy community) SoT is associated with Sword of Truth, which would be a real tragedy to confuse even for a second with Arcane Ascension

    2. Strictly speaking it should be either SOT or ST. The lower case o should never be used. If you want to pick nits about it :p

      1. Are you actually ‘bo’ in Discord? Very legitimate question. If you are not bo, are you lurking in the discord watching us theorycraft?

    1. Replying to comment threads on here gets awkward, so I’m not sure if this’ll show up in the right place, but I’m not “bo” on Discord. I haven’t been on there yet. I might show up on Discord after the sequel comes out.

  28. Your cover looks beautiful! Can’t wait for the next book, but the Keras spin off sounds really exciting! I’ll be looking forward to it.

    1. I’m glad you like the cover!

      There’ll be a preview of the Keras book after the ending of On the Shoulders of Titans, so make sure you keep reading after the end of the book. =)

  29. I just finished sufficiently advanced magic last night, only took me 2 days to read. I loved it, I love the world and how there are clear rules about magic and how it works. I can’t wait for the next book, good job.

    1. I’m glad you liked it!

      Clear and consistent rules are for magic are super important to me. I’m glad that worked for you, and there’ll be plenty more of it in the sequel.

      1. Sweet! I am a huge believer in Sanderson rules of magic for hard magic systems.

  30. We will be blessed with many good books soon! Not only do we have the much anticipated release of On the shoulders of Titans, but I have heard that the sequel for the Crimson Queen by Alec Hutson will be out soon as well as a recent blog by Will Wight informing his fans of impending news. What joyous times!

      1. For a first book it is phenomenal. I haven’t read his short story book but I’m probably going to buy it along with the sequel to CQ. There have been so many gems of authors in the indie field lately (yourself included) that have expanded my reading horizons. Currently I’m working on the book Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft and it’s been great so far.

  31. Well maybe we could use OST instead of SOT to avoid confusion with Sword of Truth. With the O from the On instead of the O from Of. The “On” is more significant than the “of” in the title anyway.

  32. Cant wait till the next book comes out But i listened to it on audible so i still got quite a wait. Love that cover art too.

    1. Is it? The review said that was from a Quest from tenjin but the only Quest I know of him completing from book one was from katashi. Was that an accidental spoiler that he recieved a third mark? Or an error?

      1. I suspect he means the quest for Katashi, that got him his Mark of Glory.

  33. Masterful work so far. I check here often for a release announcement. So your marketing team knows (which could be just you) I came to your story because NP read PR’s Kingkiller Chronicles and I looked up what else he did. That brought me to Kings Dark Tidings and to your work. I tell you because I doubt I’m alone in how I discovered you. I’ll buy On the Shoulders of Titans when you publish, but on Audible only if NP reads. I think it’s worth waiting for him no matter what for your series. No one else can do it as well and your story is worth doing well. I think you’re approaching WOT and Kingkiller level goodness with your two series (at least as good as BS’s Mistborn, but we haven’t seen the whole story yet) so why mess up a good thing. The schedule will allow at some point so don’t publish on Audible too early (with NP not reading) to take advanage of book sales when you’d only be killing your overall sales and disappointing your biggest fans. I know this is your hope too, I just want to reinforce that it is a must have, not a nice to have. Thanks for hearing my two cents. Great work and best to you and yours.

  34. Since Attunement Marks involve using various forms of magic or mana in a defined or channeled or organized way, we have to think of Arbiter in the same way, something that involves Magic. What that means I do not know yet, except that it may involve multiple forms of magic, i.e. mana types and the beings that come with them, or from multiple extradimensional planes which are the sources of the mana types.

    I do wish we knew what forms of mana it involves, and what abilities it gives Corin. It is interesting that his Mark of Glory has a Name, which implies that it has been seen before in the past often enough to be recognized and acquire that Name. It makes me wonder how how others acquired it in the past and what they did with it.

    I am still wondering about when and how Corin will tell his parents about Tristan being alive, and whether he will show them the Book he uses to communicate with Tristan. Also if Tristan will talk to them via the Book. Perhaps, they know or suspect that he is still alive.

    I am checking several (many) times a day, for Book 2.

    I think that Tristan had/has to be involved in something very important to keep him from coming home from his Judgement, and the only thing we know about in SAM is the artificial attunement program. We do know that Prof Orden taught him privately (i.e. not at the School) for a while and that they were working together to at least some extent. We also know that Prof Orden was involved with that project.

    So I still wonder if Tristan got an artificial attunement, either instead of, or in addition to, or as a modification of, a normal attunement. And that somehow kept him from coming home from his Judgement, perhaps because it would reveal too much about the artificial attunement project. We do know the program has been going on for decades, which should mean more than one generation. Since he is functioning as the Voice of the Tower after only 5 years (or a lot less) he must have some unusual magical, i.e. attunement, abilities. Since this is an old program with some success already, it has probably split into several or many subprograms or projects, that may not agree with each other or cooperate completely. It is possible that the Visages, Tenjin and Ferras in particular, were supporting some of these subprojects, but disapproved (i.e. wanted to shut down) of some of them, i.e. the one involving Echion. We have already seen hints of this in SAM.

    I also wonder what either of Corin’s parents knew/know of that program and when.

    I can only think of two things valuable enough for Corin to give up to get Sera healed, either his Sword or the Jaden Box. I suspect the later is more important to others. Although maybe the Scroll which he never managed to read and we never heard of after he left the Tower, would be a third possibility. I have wondered if Keras could read it

  35. Possibly it took Tristan a long time to recover from getting too ambitious of an artificial attunement mark, and then learn to use it, and so could not attend the School for a while. Which would also reveal too much about the existence of the program to the public, and the Edrians.

  36. I think that keeping the artificial attunement program, and/or its results, secret from the Edrians has to play a role in many things. Possibly including why Tristan did not come home from his Judgement.

  37. Love the cover, but I think it might do well with a border of some kind, as is looks a tad like a graphic novel and bordering might persuade someone who’s not into that sort of thing to pick it up. That being said having read the first I probably would buy it if it had half the pages missing. Cant wait to pick it up

  38. I have wondered what the opposite/complement of Life as a mana type was. I think we have a strong hint in the review of the ARC for Book 2, it is one of the mana types in the Necromancer Attunement, although we do not know it’s name yet.

  39. I claim the 100th comment on this thread to humbly ask for any news you may be able to share about the release of on the Shoulders of Titans. I have an itch that only a good book can satisfy!

  40. I wonder if he is trying to include that extra scene that he was talking about. That may be taking some extra time to write and check for errors, typos, etc.

  41. I saw this comment about another scene somewhere else a day or two ago, but now I can not find it again.

  42. The more I look at the cover art picture, the more it looks like the middle of a battle field than a practice field, which implies that this is a REAL battle/fight between Marissa and Corin. I have NO idea how things got to the point that they would need to fight each, but Corin has had to fight other members of his party before, and the supposed “curse” on his Sword implies that it could/will happen again, so it is not a total surprise.

    However, we still do not know if they are fighting of their own free wills or under the control/influence of other parties/people/deities/etc, or for that matter which of them might be under that outside influence (if any).( Our normal inclination is to suppose that Marissa is the controlled one, but keep an open mind on the possibility).

  43. The only other thing of great value I can think of is his sample of the water of attunement. I have been wondering if he should use it before someone else finds out he has it and tries to take it from him.

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