Quick Update

Hey all,

Quick book update.

I’ve sent the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic, which I’m currently calling On the Shoulders of Titans, off to my editor.

Thank you very much to everyone who made suggestions for the title!

As I mentioned previously, I’m still going to be working on some changes on my end at the same time. I’m almost done with my beta notes, but not 100% there.

I’m also getting ready for working on the third War of Broken Mirrors book by re-reading what I’ve already written, both in terms of the story itself and my outline. I may do some actual writing for it over the next couple weeks while I wait for the editor, but finishing On the Shoulders of Titans comes first.

I have the cover art (and it looks amazing), but I’m not posting it just yet – I’m waiting for the typography.

Thanks to everyone for the interest. I’ll post more info when I have a better idea of how long the editor is going to take.

48 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Oh boy, I cannot wait! SO long as I get my hands on it before May 19th I will be a happy man. I get some vacation time then and am looking forward to catching up on my backlog of books.

  2. Yasss!!!!! I recently finished reading SAM and I’m so excited to read the sequel (fan girl squeal in delight). You sir are definitely in my top five favorite authors along Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Jordan, and Kevin Hearne. I so appreciate all your work, and patiently wait the next book.

  3. I am really looking forward to this. ‘Accidentally’ reread SAM twice waiting for the next one to come out.

  4. I can’t really get mad at the minimal delay, I’ve been waiting for Martin to release Winds of Winter since I graduated high school.. half a decade ago. Thank you for being so involved with your fans and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next installment!
    (One of) Your Biggest Fan(s)
    P.S. I’ve begun writing my own series, my family has been pestering me to write for years it’s just taken some time to find an idea that sticks. I’d just like to thank you for inspiring me (along with Robert Jordan, Karen Miller, and Christopher Paulini)!

      1. The Inheritance Cycle, begins with Eragon, and was the book that got me into reading in the first place when I was around 11 years old! Couldn’t leave it out even if I wasn’t pleased by the ending!

      2. I know who he is, I just question his inclusion in that list. Eldest was rated one of the worst novels of 2005.

      3. Good thing it’s my list and your questioning it effects it exactly 0%. Statistics and Feelings are two entirely separate metrics. Thank you for the info on Eldest though, I always knew there was a reason that one was so tough to get through!

  5. I know the book hasn’t been released yet, I was wondering if/when an audiobook version might be released?

    1. I can’t say with 100% accuracy but I’m fairly certain that Mr. Rowe said he was aiming for August for the audio version. That being said, a lot of details are out of his hands with audio recording. Given the slight delay in the original release I would estimate September perhaps being a more accurate date.

  6. YAY I’m truly excited about your second book the first one is absolutely fantastic humor in the write places. I dont know if audible lets you choose your narrators but PLEASE PLEASE keep the same dude he is absolutely fantastic and fits the character to a T thank you so very much for writing and ha e an outstanding day!

    1. Definitely planning to keep the same narrator if I can, but it’s up to the production company (and the narrator himself). I think it’ll probably work out, but we’ll see. =)

      1. Nick Podehl is fantastic, I actually got onto SAM due to the fact that he was narrating it 🙂

        I think he hit the performance out of the park with your book, and I’d probably regard it the best of the 5 or so performances of his I’ve listened to thus far.

        You’re onto a good thing here, in my opinion!

    1. Look a few comments up. It’ll be a few months after the release of the book but a lot depends on the narrator.

  7. Very excited to hear the sequel is almost done. Can’t wait to read it once it is finally released. Keep up the great work!

      1. Nice. Hopefully all will go well on that front and we can enjoy your book in short order. I’m torn between saving it for my vacation at the end of May and reading it the moment it comes out.

      2. How does that normally work? Is your editor just doing copy editing? Or is there a back and forth between the two of you on the storyline? Do the editor and publisher work together typically? As in if the editor makes a change and you really don’t like it, can you flat-out ignore their suggestion, or would that be something really stupid to do?

    1. My editor provides both copy edits and content edits (e.g. things like mentioning my pacing for a scene is poor, or that an entire scene could be improved, etc).

      I’m self-published, so I check through the edits myself and determine which ones I want to use and which ones I don’t. There can be some back-and-forth, but in this particular case most of it is going to be in one pass.

  8. Awesome! I am reading SAM now, and am relieved to hear a sequel is imminent. Nick Podehl reading it, right? OMG please say yes.

      1. I can’t speak for anyone more than myself, but I’m quite sure I’m not alone in saying that Nick is worth waiting for. If he has scheduling conflicts that would push the audio-book out by several months… I’d say wait those several months.

        Basically unless he outright refuses to ever read you book, hold out until his schedule clears =)

  9. Just started my 7th listen to book 1. Love the book and hope that the series stays this good. Can’t wait to add another to my favorites list, and thanks for the amazing stories!

    P.S I literally check this blog daily for updates so thanks for keeping us so informed way better than a lot of authors!

      1. At first I was really impatient once you sent it to your editor, but books take a long time to read in depth and make meaningful possible changes to, and i am sure you’re not his/her only client. With this in mind and if the editor is reading this: Take all the time you need, its worth the best book we can get.

  10. Can you put the new book on amazon for preorder please? I m a lazy fan that forgets to check for new books from good authors and I’d hate to miss it.

    1. He can’t really, since he would need to know exactly when the book is going to be finished. You can follow his author page though and you will be emailed when any of his new stuff is available:

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