Sufficiently Advanced Sequel – Almost Done

Happy New Year, everyone!
First, some news. I’m at 195,000 words into the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic. It’s not *quite* done yet. My expectations were that it would be shorter than Sufficiently Advanced Magic, but it turns out it’ll probably be about the same length.
With the first draft almost done, I’m expecting a release around March. I’ll be working on finishing my third War of Broken Mirrors book, Defying Destiny, after that.
Sufficiently Advanced Magic has been nominated for Best Self-Published Novel in this year’s Stabby awards on Reddit’s /r/fantasy.
If you read Sufficiently Advanced Magic and enjoyed it, please consider voting for it!
If you want to vote for the book, all you have to do is upvote (click the up arrow) for Sufficiently Advanced Magic. (This requires a Reddit account.)
How to Upvote
There are a ton of great competitors this year, both in this category and otherwise, so you may want to check those out as well!

27 thoughts on “Sufficiently Advanced Sequel – Almost Done

  1. Not to push – editing and polish ought not be rushed – but if your march projection holds true, what kind of timeline might you expect for the audiobook?

    I would hope you’re getting Nick Podehl to continue the series. But that means scheduling him once the book is done, and then however long it takes them to make, refine, and release the audiobook once he’s available. So, any idea if that’s more April or August territory?

    1. It would probably be at least a few more months for the audio book, if not longer.

      I’m planning to stick with Nick (although that’s technically the decision of my audio publisher). Nick is very busy, however, and that may result in delays while he finds time in his schedule.

      I’d assume closer to the August territory, possibly even later. Just depends on when Nick is free.

      1. Please let it be Nick! I’m sure there are other good ones out there, but Nick totally nails your protagonist!!!

  2. My son is THRILLED with this news (I’m pretty happy about it, myself) … he wanted book 2 before he even finished Sufficiently Advanced Magic. Upvoted!

  3. Really enjoyed this book sufficiently advanced magic has excellent characters I listened on audible and I’m waiting for the sequel. I’d like to say the narrator for book 1 was great so please don’t change!

  4. I absolutely loved the first one, and as a avid fantasy reader I am willing to bet this series will be one of the greats. Thank you!

  5. I’ve just finished listening to Sufficiently Advanced Magic (great name by the way) and I loved it! It has great pace but also lots of detail which I love. I especially love how so much is unknown to the protagonist & gradually revealed and in the same way he starts so limited & gradually grows more powerful. I am looking forward to the sequel!

      1. Thx for the tip. Reminds me a bit of Underworld – Level Up or Die – put it on my ToRead list but have to finally finish the 5th book of the Sanderson Alcatraz series

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