Sufficiently Advanced Magic Available in Audio Book Format

Hello everyone!

I’m proud to announce that Sufficiently Advanced Magic is finally available in audio format, narrated by the amazing Nick Podehl.

For those of you who are interested in status updates, here’s some new information!

  • The sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic is about 25% written, at about 50,000 words so far. That’s close to half the length of Forging Divinity, so it’s going to be another big one.
  • The third book of the War of Broken Mirrors series is also in progress, at about 15,000 words. This has been a tougher story for me to write, but I’m making gradual progress.
  • I also have some side projects in progress, such as a more “trapped in a MMORPG’ style novel and a Sufficiently Advanced Magic prequel from Keras Selyrian’s perspective.

I’ll be updating my mailing list shortly with some preview content, so if you’re on the mailing list, stay tuned!

75 thoughts on “Sufficiently Advanced Magic Available in Audio Book Format

  1. Andrew, I picked up SAM a couple days ago and finished it at about 2 am last night. It was a fun read. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff soon. Keep up the good work.

    PS. I loved the cameo appearance by Simon.

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it (including the cameo)!

      I hope you enjoy my other books, and I’ll try to get the sequel to this one out soon.

  2. Greetings Mr. Rowe,

    I just bought the audio book, well not “just” about 3 hours ago.

    I am loving it. Our young “coward” just left the tower to find he has a new sister.

    I can honestly say that it is good enough so far to keep me awake. Mr. Pohdel was a great choice.

    Anyways, I was looking on the internet for more information about the “Attunements” and I stumbled apon your blog.

    So I thought I would say Thank You! This nay sound corney but I appropriate good fantasy with a bent on awesome world building. So far you are delivering.

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it so far!

      Thanks for the kind words. There’s an appendix of most of the attunements in the book a the end of the paperback/digital version of the novel if that’s what you’re looking for.

      Here’s a quick copy and paste in case you only have the audio version:

      • Diviner: Diviners focus on information gathering magic, such as detecting mana types, identifying magical objects, and finding people from a distance.
      o Mana Types: Mental (Primary), Enhancement (Secondary)
      • Guardian: Guardians are capable of focusing mana into specific parts of their bodies, imparting vastly enhanced physical combat capabilities. Also capable of discharging their mana through contact, enabling them to harm creatures impervious to conventional force.
      o Mana Types: Enhancement (Primary), Life (Secondary)
      • Elementalist: Elementalists conjure fire, air, and lightning to strike their foes from afar. Often considered the most potent offensive spellcasting attunement, though lacking in versatility.
      o Mana Types: Fire (Primary), Air (Secondary)
      • Enchanter: Enchanters are capable of imbuing objects with mana, either from themselves or by transferring it from other items. This allows them to create magical items.
      o Mana Types: Transference (Primary), Mental (Secondary)
      • Mender: Menders are capable of applying their mana toward regenerating tissue and accelerating recovery. They are, however, also capable of reversing this process — making Menders into terrifying short-ranged combatants.
      o Mana Types: Life (Primary), Earth (Secondary)
      • Shadow: Shadows are capable of concealing themselves from the senses and diminishing the senses of others. For this reason, they are often used as spies and assassins.
      o Mana Types: Umbral (Primary), Enhancement (Secondary)
      • Shaper: Shapers can conjure objects from solid mana and restructure existing mana fields, making them among the most flexible of all attuned.
      o Mana Types: Earth (Primary), Enhancement (Secondary)
      • Summoner: Summoners form pacts with monsterous entities and learn to call upon their power. Powerful Summoners are capable of conjuring “figments”— mana constructed duplicates of creatures with which they have formed a pact.
      o Mana Types: Air (Primary), Transference (Secondary)

      Thanks for the note, I appreciate it! I hope you enjoy the rest of the book!

      1. Andrew,

        You rock!!!

        One of the bummers about enjoying audio books is most of the time you have to search for info provided in some books. Maps are a true pain.

        Thanks agian.

  3. I just finished sufficiently advanced magic and immediately came here to see if a sequel was in the works, i gotta say man, im excited. Not to rush you though, take all the time you need to get things how they should be. I took a chance on audible since i finished my previous series(the dark tower btw) and im glad i did. you have earned yourself a fan.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. =D I’ll try to get the sequel out soon, but don’t worry, I won’t sacrifice quality for speed.

  4. Hi Andrew, completely hooked on sufficiently advanced magic. Great writing. The audiobook narrator is another brilliant part of the book. Looking forward to sequel.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I was thrilled by how great of a job Nick Podehl did with the narration.

      Thanks for the note, and I’ll try to get that sequel out as soon as I can!

  5. Well have to say producing an audiobook was a great idea for exposure! Absolutely loving it, best of luck in your future endeavors.

      1. Hi Andrew, I’m 70% of the way thru the first book. I absolutely love the side plots and daily lives of Corin and the interactions with the others. Not every book has to be about saving the world or being the chosen one to be a good read; in fact, it seems so generic now. I’m glad SAM takes a different approach. This is reminiscent of the old star trek TV series where there were a lot of filler episodes to develop the characters. I LOVE IT. please do not stop writing like this. I want to know EVERYTHING Corin is up to!

        By the way, I feel pretty powerless to help promote your book. Any way you can increase your twitter presence? and do you regularly post on /r/fantasy?

    1. Hi Kevin,

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the slice-of-life style of the book!

      I might work on my Twitter more eventually, but right now I’m trying to focus on writing more than social media, so I’ve been sticking with doing most of my updates in one place. I’m usually on /r/fantasy for at least a little bit each day.

      I’ll probably expand my social media use a bit after I’ve published my third book in this series.

      Thanks again for the support!


  6. Greetings Mr. Rowe, my compliments on both your series. The first book of yours I bought was Sufficiently Advanced Magic, it was totally accedental, I was scrolling down the list of new releases and enjoyed the premise. Then a month later I bought the first volume in the war of broken mirrors series,on audible purely because of Mr. Podehls narration. It was not until the release of Sufficiently Advanced Magic on audible that I realized you wrote both series. I thought “man I’m truly slow sometimes. That Rowe fellow is a genius.” Now Mr. Rowe I am going to be one of those nagging people who want to know when the next volume of Sufficiently Advanced Magic is going to be released! The reason for the nagging is because I must know what the Corrin’s new attunement is, and I must know it now! However do not diminish the quality of the book by rushing a release, we your fans expect nothing but genius! Yours in excited anticipation Sebastian Larsen

    1. Thanks for listening to both of my series! Nick did a great job with the narration.

      I’ll definitely try to get the sequels to both series done soon, but without sacrificing any quality in the process. =)

      Thanks again!

      1. Nick really has a huge vocal range and each character he does is distinct. Thats a rarity. You should pay him more. -not nick in disguise.

  7. Loved Sufficiently Advanced Magic, though I’m still waiting with bated breath for Coren to finally drink the rest of that water and get more powerful. When Sarah did it I almost pulled out my hair lol. Also who is Cessily Lambert!? I cant wait to find out.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book!

      I’m sure a lot of people are looking forward to Corin getting a power up. =D

      Cecily will definitely be a bigger deal in the second book, and you’ll get to find out why Corin has been avoiding her.

  8. Just finished the audio book. It was really good. I dont think i could add anymore than has already been said by the other commenters. Looking forward to the sequel.

  9. This book was fantastic so good I actually looked up when the next was coming out. Which is how I’m here haha. I’ll be listening to this book over and over again that for sure I’m keeping my eye on you. Very few books leave me so hooked and just dying to read more.. Just. Good job man. I’ll be checking out your other books as well

  10. I read this book on audible and the rating is starting to speak for itself. Excited that you are moving forward with a second book. I periodically scan Hugo award books for recommendations and this one is definitely of high caliber. I hope you get recognized for your talent in the near future.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I think I’m a long way from Hugo-level recognition, but I guess we’ll see what the future holds. =)

  11. Morning Andrew, I just wanted to come to your blog and give you a huge shout out. I grabbed Forging Divinity last Monday and was immediately hooked. Less than a week later I have purchased and finished all your tittles.

    Sufficiently Advanced Magic was absolutely awesome, it had everything I enjoy a book. The JRPG feel made me a instant follower.

    I create table top roleplaying games as a hobby, and I have wanted to do a JRPG themed game for a while and your magic system has me madly inspired.

    My hats off to you sir, keep up the solid work.

    1. I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying my books! I’m even more happy to hear that I’ve inspired you to do something for a JRPG-esque tabletop. I’m a big fan of tabletops as well, and I hope you end up enjoying running your game!

      Thanks for the support, and I’ll do my best to make sure the sequels are solid. =)

      1. I have no doubts you will succeed on that front.

        Your interest in table top, JRPGs, anime pours out and mingles so well into your stories that a reader with shared interest can’t help but be magnetized into to story. As an enormous fan of JRPGs like Final Fantasy and an even bigger fan of anime, I cannot help but place your tittles within the tops games and series I have experienced.

        I’ve been working on a game that ties together the “magic or Technique” system from HxH “nen” and the take on an adventuring tower from DanMachi. I hit a slump in development until I read SAM, it hit so close to home on both of those fronts that I’m certain you gave me the push I needed to overcome my blocks and get my game complete.

  12. Stumbled upon sufficiently advanced magic the other day while looking through Audible. I’m 3/4 of the way through. I’m an avid reader and audiobooks listener. It fresh listen and I am very happy that I found it. I will also look into your other books. I was wondering if you had any plans to use these ideas and create an rpg with it. Im seeing a very strong foundation for a true world build here and think a game would be fantastic. Anyhow I look forward to more of your writing.

    Thank You,

    1. Adam,

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the book so much!

      I’m a game designer as my day job, so naturally I’d love to make RPGs set in this world as well. I’m working on a tabletop rules set that I plan to release eventually, and I’d also be interested in getting a PC/console game made but that would require finding a developer that I’d be interested in working with that has the resources available.

      I’m definitely hoping to get some of that done in the future, it’s just a matter of when.

      Thanks, and I hope you like the rest of the book!


  13. This is one great ‘listen’ as I just became an Audible member and it’s the first book I went for. What a great storyline and also a great choice in narrator!

    I’ve been reading fantasy for many, many years and I noticed there were a lot of game elements in the way you write. I had a chuckle when I read here you are also working in the game-industry. Figures! Keep it up mate. We’ll keep on reading!

    Oh, do you have plans for a follow-up?


    Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    1. Hi Jelle,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the book!

      Making the narrative into something game-esque was definitely one of my main goals, and I’m glad that came across to you. =)

      Definitely working on the sequel. Aiming for a release in early 2018 if possible.



  14. Andrew,

    Just wanted to say, wow did I enjoy SAM. Seriously enjoyed it. So freaking dissapointed there’s isn’t another book until next year! I want to tell you to both hurry up but also take you’re time and make it amazing!

    I’ve read lots of fantasy in my time but something about your universe is just mesmerising. Also, what’s the best way to provide you with feedback without posting spoilers?

    I want to support your work but can’t find how to buy a hard copy? (I live in Australia). Is it possible?

    Thanks mate.

    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. I’m hard at work on the sequel. =D

      If you want to send me feedback, feel free to contact me at

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like hard copies are available on yet. They should be eventually, but it’s just a matter of when the publisher gets that up and running. Sorry about the inconvenience, and thank you for the support.


  15. Hey Andrew…

    Just finished the Audio Book…recommended by a friend…Great book its been a while since having this fun listening to fantasy(Awesome choice of narrator) and very rare that i didn’t guess the plot twists. Cant wait for the second Part…i’ll be checking your other works i’ll bet they are this good too.

    Thank you for making useless traffic a great time.

    PS. is this series open ended or a fixed amount of books?

    Luis Emilio

  16. Hey Luis,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the twists, and I agree that Nick did a great job as a narrator.

    The number of book is open ended. I’m currently expecting it to be around 6-7, but that could easily change.


  17. Just finished listening to the audio book. It was very well done! I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  18. I listened to your book about 3 times now on audible, after listening to Terry mancour, Johnathan renshaw, Melissa mcphail and similar I think this and the spellmonger series are possible two of my favorite in some time. Your book had me lost in more enveloping world of rpg video games and manga/anime that are some of my guilty pleasure. Thank you for a great book, I’ll be happily, patiently and yet eagerly awaiting the next in the series!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it! I haven’t actually read or listened to Spellmonger yet myself, but I’ve heard a lot of good things. Might need to read that sometime soon.

      I was definitely going for that anime/JRPG style, so I’m glad it worked. I’ll try to get even more of that in the sequel. =)

  19. Omg! I finished SAM so quick I’m going to have to listen to it again! I loved the audio book, I can’t wait for the sequle!!! I just got online to look for the next one and found this forum, shead a tear when I saw it was still in progress. Defiantly will to wait for a great book to follow it up tho ❤

  20. I don’t know how you feel about it but your self publishing right? How about patreon?.. I happily contribute to artists, it’s not much but I’m sure it helps and gives back to community, good example is good book series he’s got going on as well, if your familiar with log horizon anime then it’s very similar 100% rpg.

    1. I’ve thought about Patreon, but I’m not sure I’d be good at making backer-exclusive content or serializing my work.

      I know Luke – Ascend Online was fantastic. It’s one of my favorite LitRPGs. (If you check out the cover for the audio book version of it, you’ll see a quote from someone familiar.)

      Maybe I’ll get a Patreon started when I’m a little further along and have more content to distribute. Thanks for the suggestion!

  21. Can I ask why the 3rd book in the War of Broken Mirror series has been harder to write? Just not as inspired anymore? That’s a shame, I really enjoyed the first two 🙂 I’ll definitely give Sufficiently Advanced Magic a read.

    1. This is a good question, and there are a few reasons for it.

      The main reason is that my original outline for Book 3 involved the characters being split up in pairs for most of the book (Jonan and Taelien were working together, and Lydia was with Velas). My intent was to pair up the people who didn’t get along as well in order to create some good story tension, but ultimately, I felt it just wasn’t as fun of a read.

      My experience has been that readers tend to prefer seeing characters together that have solid connections with each other, and a lot of people were disappointed that Taelien and Lydia didn’t see each other almost at all in book 2. I didn’t want to repeat that.

      The other major reason is that I changed my plans for Book 4, which is intended to be the last “War of Broken Mirrors” book (although there will be other books in the same setting with some of the same characters later). I’d planned on certain things going a specific way since Book 1, but I realized that I was moving toward an ending that was a little too dark and pessimistic, and I decided to readjust. By deciding to make major changes to how Book 4 was going to go, I had to make major changes to the plot of Book 3 as well.

      The last reason is that I’ve started to incorporate elements in the War of Broken Mirrors serving as connections with the Arcane Ascension series (such as Sufficiently Advanced Magic), so that readers of both series will start to figure out how they’re interconnected. There are already hints about this in Sufficiently Advanced Magic, but I’m going to be making some things much more overt in Book 3.

      Overall, I’m still planning to finish Book 3, and I’m just under 20% through writing the current version of it – but it’s taking a while because of all the factors above.

      Thanks for asking, and for the interest!

      1. Thank you so much for the reply, very interesting and awesome that an author can explain their process. I look forward to your next works and am picking up Sufficiently Advanced Magic on audiobook today 🙂

  22. S.A.M. is wonderful, can’t wait for the sequel. Got it yesterday and already half way though 😅 you have so much talent, haven’t enjoyed a book this much in ages! Thank you!

  23. I’m not a huge reader. I get most of my stories through movies and video games. However, on my sister’s recommendation, I bought Forging Divinity and I couldn’t put it down!
    I finished the book in a single weekend, (which is a huge feat for me). I already bought Stealing Sorcery and I’ll buy Sufficiently Advanced Magic when I finish that.

    I haven’t been this engrossed in a series since Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings before that.

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing such a fun book, (and I hope series)!

    1. I’m very glad to hear you enjoyed Forging Divinity!

      I hope you end up enjoying the rest of my books as well. I’m still continuing the War of Broken Mirrors series (slowly), as well as writing a sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic, so there will be plenty more books coming in the future.

  24. Just finished listening to sufficiently advanced magic. The reader was fantastic as was the story. Now reading the second book in your broken mirror series. That is also a great series. Will be looking forward to whatever is released next.

  25. So…..just finished SAM….yeaaaahhhh if you could have the sequel finished and published by Thursday that would be greaaaatttttt. 😉

  26. I finished the book and the audiobook over the weekend. The audiobook is amazing. Nick’s reading is beyond entertaining. Seriously good stuff. Hope to get similar in the next installment.

  27. I have just finished this in audio book format. It made me want to go to work just to listen on the drive. The only down side- it’s over now. Great pacing, great idea. I cannot wait for the sequel!

  28. Hi!
    Me and my two teen daughters are very much “involved” with your book,
    sufficiently Strong Magic.
    I was just now investigating to find the next one…

    Keep on writing!! We love this book and will read the others while we wait on the sequel to this one!!
    ( but do hurry! )

    Sascha Skye

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