First Three Chapters of Sufficiently Advanced Magic Available on InstaFreebie

I suspect most of you have already checked out Sufficiently Advanced Magic, but if you haven’t, you can pick up a free preview over on InstaFreebie here.

8 thoughts on “First Three Chapters of Sufficiently Advanced Magic Available on InstaFreebie

  1. I love the Easter egg to the travelers gate series you threw in here. The guy in the magic mats store with the huge sword and the doll, idk how many people picked up on it, probably more than I think, but it was a nice nod to another great author. There is a lot I love about this book and while I feel it could have certainly benefited from just a little more editing I still found myself completly engrossed in its pages. Thank you for such a wonderfully written and entertaining book.

    1. Yep, that’s definitely a Simon cameo. Good catch! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I know the style of the book is a bit long-winded for some people, and that the slice-of-life scenes are things that some editors would have cut – but I feel like they’re part of what makes the story stand out. It’s closer to the style of a web serial than a standard published novel. That isn’t going to be for everyone, but I’m glad you’re generally enjoying it, even if there are some choices you disagree with.


      1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to imply I disagree with the direction of the book. It was perfect, the characters were well written and the story was spot on. I love books with page counts above 500. Most novels that sit around 340 are barely more than novelettes to me. I always mourn the ending of a great book, it feels like I’m leaving behind good friends.
        Editing maybe wasn’t the right term, I have 2 manuscripts written and one short story published. I specifically meant I pick up on certain mistakes that I often make. Since I don’t have a professional editor I have to proofread all my own work. I have a friend who is a stenographer that helps out on occasion but I digress. A few times in the book I would see you use a descriptor twice in the sentence. “This is actually a lot like the way the council room was set up, but this actually looks safer for observers.”

        Man, I sound stupid. I’m not trying to nitpick I just wanted to explain exactly what I was referring to because I feel like you got the impression I found fault with the story. As soon as I finished advanced magic day before last I went and got Forging Divinity immediately. I apologize if sound like an uneducated lout, I hate when people people who know next to nothing give me, “tips” on my actually profession. Which, needless to say, is not a writer.

        Anyway, apologies for the long winded reply. Felt like I had to explain myself, books are fantastic. I’ll be looking for your work in the future. Short list, Sanderson, will Wight, kloos, Ryan kirk and Rowe.

      2. Oh, no worries! That totally makes sense. I know I have a habit of repeating descriptors like that on occasion. I did have a professional editor, and they were great, but it’s possible I missed some of their notes.

        You don’t sound stupid at all or anything – pointing out editing issues is perfectly valid.

        I just read your statement a specific way because I’ve heard “you should have edited out (x) scene, it’s not necessary” or similar things from other people. That was my own baggage reading the statement, not any mistake of your own.

        I’m glad you generally enjoyed the book and that you went on to reading Forging Divinity. I hope you enjoy that as well!


  2. Just finished firing divinity. Dude… Seriously. Don’t stop writing. I’m on the 2nd book stealing sorcery, now. Can’t put it down. I still miss Corin and his thoughtful way of acting but these two are just as good in their own way.

    Thanks for the great works.

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