Sufficiently Advanced Magic – Paperback Edition

Hey all!

The paperback version of Sufficiently Advanced Magic is now available!
You can find it here:
For those of you waiting on the audio book edition, that’s still in progress and I’m looking at roughly a July release.
As for the sequel, I’ve done a very early draft of the outline and about 10,000 words of pre-writing.
I’m currently still planning to finish Defying Destiny first, but there’s a possibility that I might swap to spending more time on the sequel to Sufficiently Advanced Magic due to the sheer amount of interest it’s been getting. I don’t want to leave my Broken Mirrors fans in the dust, though, so I’m definitely going to keep working on that regardless – I might just end up moving over to more of a 50/50 split in my time.
It’ll depend on what kind of writing pattern keeps me the most productive.

6 thoughts on “Sufficiently Advanced Magic – Paperback Edition

  1. I read your book. I really enjoyed it. I even recommended it to some people on Twitter. I could definitely recognize Japanese influence in the book.

    I look forward to seeing how Corin grows because he really frustrates me as a main character the way he is now. And I’m rooting for Corin and Jin too.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it and caught some of the Japanese influences!

      Corin is definitely supposed to be a flawed character, but that gives him more room for growth. He should definitely show some improvement over time, but it’ll be a gradual process. I tend plan for longer series – this will probably be several books, which is why I’m not making him have tremendous strides in overcoming his problems in a few weeks of school.

      I’m glad you like the Corin and Jin pairing! There will be follow-up on that, but I obviously won’t say where it goes. =)

  2. I’m a newcomer, but I wanted to say that I actually like Corin’s flaws. Along with making him easier to relate to and, as Andrew said, giving him room for growth, the imperfections make him more interesting (read: hilarious). I also loved that he didn’t want to hurt the adorable bunny monster. 🙂 Of course, the latter isn’t a flaw–it’s one of Corin’s best attributes!

    1. Hiya!

      I’m glad you liked Corin’s flaws. I’m also glad you enjoyed his elements of pacifism, which I agree are not a flaw, just a personality characteristic. I’ve seen a lot of people characterize Corin as “weak” for not wanting to people, and that saddens me. I’m glad you found him more sympathetic, and I hope you’ll enjoy the sequel when it comes out!


  3. Loving this book, and Corin. It’s nice to see anxieties and issues represented without taking over the entire character. Have noticed a few typos and homophones though- who do I report these to? I know it seems petty, but they bother me and break my reading trance.

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book!

      I completely understand errors bothering you – I come from a background doing quality assurance work, and it always bothers me when I see errors in a book or a game. It’s almost impossible to avoid having a few of them in a work of this length, though, and I appreciate it when people point them out to me.

      Please feel free to e-mail any errors you find directly to me at, and I’ll try to get them fixed for the next revision.

      Thanks so much!


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