New Book Release – Sufficiently Advanced Magic

Hey all!

The book I’d previously referred to as Attuned is now out and has a new title – Sufficiently Advanced Magic.

It’s a reference to one of my favorite quotes – “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

It’s a good title to invert in regards to this book, which has a lot of focus on researching magical technology.

Here’s the awesome cover by Daniel Kamarudin:


35 thoughts on “New Book Release – Sufficiently Advanced Magic

  1. Reblogged this on Scratching on the Slate and commented:
    I did some beta reading of this one, and it’s well worth reading. In Sufficiently Advanced Magic, Corin Cadence has lost his brother and become a disappointment to his father. But there might be a solution to both: climbing the holy Serpent’s Spire to beg a boon from the goddess. As Corin trains to prepare for the tower’s challenges, he finds new friends and allies… and perhaps new family, as well.

  2. Well, I loved it, mostly. I’ll avoid spoilers but the final reveal bugged me, it was well done, but it jarred. It could be just me.
    I’m looking forwards to the next one.
    Any estimates?

  3. I’m glad you enjoyed most of it!

    I knew the final reveal might be a bit polarizing. I’m sorry you fell on the side of that that didn’t enjoy the reveal as much.

    As for the next one, it’ll be after I finish War of Broken Mirrors book 3. I’m currently aiming for the end of July for War of Broken Mirrors book 3, then I’ll most likely switch back to Arcane Ascension book 2 for sometime early in 2018.

    I also have much smaller LitRPG book that I might be finishing up somewhere in between.

    So, probably sometime early in 2018. If I can get it done sooner without compromising the quality, I’ll try to do so, but I have to clear the backlog first. =)

  4. I thought I’d read a story about a swordsman with a doll before while I was reading, delighted to see it was an actual character cameo! Novel was a great read, so thanks for writing it. I’ll try to catch up on the other series in the same universe as well.

    I was also heavily reminded of the UK TV show Knightmare) and the Dark Souls videogame series) whenever Corin was in the Tower and Kingkiller Chronicles (& Sanderson’s oeurve) for the enchanting/magic-as-systemic-technology parts. Oh, and Pokemon whenever Sera summoned a monster.

    I’m very glad that Corin (unlike Kvothe) wasn’t inexplicably sexually attractive to literally everyone he met, he seemed almost aromatic for most of the book. Though there were those hints of trauma involving another student that were never explored any further.

    I’m curious to see if the other towers are all similar in style to the Serpent Tower or if they all have their own overall flavour like Zelda dungeons.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, Dan!

      I’ve never actually watched Knightmare – I might have to check that out.

      I definitely can see the Dark Souls and Kingkiller Chronicles comparisons, and I consider Sanderson to be one of my primary influences as a writer.

      Corin isn’t completely aromantic, but he is asexual. It’s a fine distinction, but it does mean there could be some romantic elements in the future. It just won’t be the primary focus of the story.

      As for that other student – assuming you’re talking about Cecily Lambert – you’ll probably get some idea of his background with her in the next book.

      There will definitely be some differences between the towers, but I wouldn’t want to say too much and spoil things. =)

      Thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy the next book when it’s ready.


  5. I picked out this book at random not really expecting much but a (hopefully decent) fun, fantasy distraction.

    I absolutely LOVED it. An asexual character is not even something that I knew I needed until this book. I hate that I became so invested, because now I’ll have to be patient for the sequel. The next year will be spent sporadically wondering what’s in store.

    I’ll definitely be reading the Broken Mirrors books in the meantime.

    1. Hey Phil,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the book so much!

      It means a lot to me that Corin resonated with people. I’ll try to make sure I get the next book finished in a timely fashion. =D

      I hope you enjoy the Broken Mirrors books as well! They’re a little slower paced at the beginning, but if you liked this book you’ll probably still enjoy them.


  6. Andrew,

    I just finished reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic, and I have to say, I loved it. I’m usually a Sci-Fi reader, but it was suggested to me in the Kindle store and I liked the premise. Fast forward three days, and I’m horrified to find that there’s no sequel yet! Congratulations on the beginning of what I believe will be an epic series, and thank you for the fantastic read. Any guesses on when we’ll see a sequel?


    1. Jesten,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, especially if you’re normally more of a Sci-Fi reader!

      I’m currently looking at early in 2018 for the sequel. I’m hoping to get it done as soon as possible, but I owe my War of Broken Mirrors fans a book 3 as well, so I’m trying to make sure I get them both done in a timely fashion.

      Thanks for reading the book!


  7. Im just finishing sufficiently advanced magic and its amazing. I’ve read your other books and while I was a fan of your work before – this put you up at the top of my favorite authors. I read.. I devour fantasy books and I’m beyond impressed with the novel and cannot wait until you’ve released the next installment!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Sufficiently Advanced Magic! Thanks for reading it, as well as my other books. I try to improve with each book, so I’m glad you liked this one the most. I’m hoping to get the sequel out early next year.

      Thanks again!

  8. I’ve just finished reading Sufficiently Advanced Magic, and it was one of the best books I’ve ever read! The twist at the end was very good, and I’m just wondering for a small spoiler, do Jin and Corin end up together?

      1. I’m glad you like the pair. You’ll definitely get to see some follow up for what happened in the last book, regardless of if they get together in the end or not.

  9. Hi Andrew, i work at a middle school and our librarian would love to stock sufficiently advanced magic, but is unable to find hardcover format. Does one exist? She doesn’t stock paperbacks because they do not hold up. Thanks!

      1. I wonder if you could special order a set of hard covers for them through another vendor without breaking Amazon’s terms of service?

      1. Aprils past, whens book 2?? I just finished re-reading book 1 (Like literally, I finished around five to six minutes ago) and I want more!! It’s so good!! (Also, in the cover [if thats actually Corin] is Corin holding Selys-Lyaan? Or is that his enchanted sword he made himself? [This might be a bit of a stupis question, but I’m using an e-book reader kindle and its experimental browser right now, and it doesn’t show color])

  10. Quick question I didn’t quite understand if Corin is gay or something along the lines. Btw loved the book!!!

    1. Corin is asexual, but not aromantic. This means that he’s not interested in sexual contact with people of any gender, but he’s potentially still interested in romance. In his case, he doesn’t care what gender his potential romantic partners are. He’s more attracted based on finding people interesting, intelligent, or otherwise competent.

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