Attuned Editing and Cover

Hey all!

Attuned is very close to being complete.

This morning, I got my edits back from Tim Marquitz. He have me some fantastic feedback and pointed out some consistent technical mistakes that I’ve been making. For example, I write too many passive sentences, and I’m still using too many adverbs.

I also use too many em-dashes.

Roughly two thousand of them.

…I may have a problem.

Anyway, I’m going to be spending the next week or two fixing these mistakes. I’m very grateful to Tim for not only making a ton of corrections in the manuscript, but pointing out these consistent issues so I can improve on them for future books.

Once those last edits are done, the manuscript should be good to go.

The cover art is also complete – minus the typography. As with the War of Broken Mirrors books, my cover art is by Daniel Kamarudin, and he did an amazing job. I’ll share the cover as soon as the typography is good to go. I can’t wait to show it to everyone.

Thanks to both Tim and Daniel for their help with the project. I think this is going to be my best book yet.

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