Attuned Update

Just a brief update.

I’m in the home stretch for finishing my first draft of Attuned. At the time of this writing, I’m at about 160,000 words – that’s roughly the length of Stealing Sorcery.

By the time I finish, I expect to be somewhere between 180,000 and 200,000, depending on how many elements I decide to push off to a sequel and if I decide to trim down some of the existing content to improve the pacing in some of the slower areas.

After Attuned’s first draft is completed, I’ll be sending it off to beta readers for initial feedback and editing. After those revisions, I’ll be either sending it to a professional editor or talking to a publisher that could provide one.

While the War of Broken Mirrors will remain self-published for the foreseeable future, I could see Attuned working as a traditionally published book – as a magical school story, it’s a very good fit for the current fantasy market, and I’d love to get my books distributed more broadly. It’d be a dream to eventually see my books in a Barnes and Noble or that sort of thing.

After Attuned is finished, I’ll be moving into working primarily on Defying Destiny, the third War of Broken Mirrors book. I’ve done some outlining and pre-writing for that already, but I’m skeptical that I’ll hit my original Spring 2017 target – it may end up being later in the year.

I’m still working on that LitRPG (“trapped in a MMORPG”) style novel as well, but that’s a lower priority and just something I’ll be working on when I’m in the right mood.

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