Stealing Sorcery Sale and Novel Updates

Hey all,

The Kindle edition of Stealing Sorcery is currently on sale for 99 cents (US and UK only, due to how Kindle Countdown Deals work). If you haven’t picked it up yet, now is a great time! You can find it here:

In other news, my progress on Attuned has been continuing steadily, but it’s turning out to be much longer than I expected. I normally stick within about +/- 10% of my outline length, but due to the nature of the story as a school novel in a new setting, I’m finding that it’s important to add a lot more details than I’d originally accounted for.

So, I’ve got two options at this point – either finish the book at a much higher length than expected, or I can try to split it into two books. I’m not settled on any specific approach yet; for the moment, I’m just going to keep writing. If there’s a good natural place to end a book, I’ll revise toward making that conclusion be satisfying and make sense. If not, I’ll just end up publishing something much longer.

Here’s an overall status report:

Attuned (tentative title; new “magical school” style novel) – 130,000 / ~200,000? words

Unannounced title (something completely different; co-authored with Jessica Richards) – 30,000 / ~100,000 words

Defying Destiny – 2,000 / 150,000 words


The current estimated release schedule is as follows:

Attuned – January 2017?

Defying Destiny – Mid 2017

Unannounced title – Late 2017

6 thoughts on “Stealing Sorcery Sale and Novel Updates

  1. Just my 2 cents: The length you need it to be, even if longer than planned, should be it’s length. I rather have a longer book with nothing compromised. It’s a first in a series, right? I rather suffer a delay now and get the full book in a form you can be proud of, than a rushed product. I’m looking forward to the book, but anyone who’s ever made anything creative, will understand things can take more time than foreseen. Don’t cut anything you deem should be there for time’s sake. Not sure what the buffer time is between when you can release a book vs the second part when complete? I guess it’s more about if you really want to get something out sooner, so we can have something in our hands/ to listen to. And bring money in sooner…
    And how the writing flow is going if you feel it will take too long to complete the book in one go… It’ll probably boil down to the financial part more than anything. Your true fans will buy the book no matter when it comes out. Just make sure you wrap yourself in bubble wrap when you venture into the outside world. I’ll be upset if you don’t safely finish it and the divinity series and have some PR person announcing you broke a hand and can’t writing for several months…

    Your Fan Mike

  2. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the support and the advice. I think you’re right – I shouldn’t compromise the integrity of the product to hit any sort of release date.

    My main question is if keeping it all in one book is really the best way to preserve the quality; it might actually function better as two novels from a plot standpoint. I’ll have to get a bit further along to evaluate what works best, though.

    I definitely do want to get something new to my readers within the next few months either way – but it might be as simple as writing a short story or something to tide people over until the next full novel is ready.

    Thanks again!


  3. Any idea when you will be creating new readers by bringing “The War of Broken Mirrors” series to the iBookstore?

  4. Fair question. I’m currently on Amazon exclusively because they provide significant benefits for doing so through their “Kindle Select” program. This is the only reason I can put my books on sale, for example, and the reason why my book is eligible for Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Lending Library.

    I’m currently looking into working with a traditional publisher – if I do that, my books will most likely end up being in multiple other bookstores, including the iBookstore.

    If you’re interested in reading the book right now, but can’t get it because Amazon doesn’t support the format, e-mail me directly at with the format you’re looking for. I’ll send you an electronic copy at no cost.

    Thanks for your interest!

  5. Still haven’t finished Stealing Sorcery, but I’m over halfway already, in a very short time – what an exciting read.
    Your characters are so compelling and interesting and your worldbuilding is amazing. I am definitely giving you a top review once I find some time! (For both books)

    I have a question, however. How do you find the time, and not to mention, the dicipline to write three books at a time?
    I know several authors I am keeping up with at the moment struggle with even one, so three is really astounding!

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying Stealing Sorcery! And thanks for being willing to leave me a review – those mean a lot to me.

    I work a normal day job, so during the week that’s my primary focus. In evenings when I have time, I’ll work on plotting out ideas for any of the books I’m working on.

    For example, I might write up a bullet-point outline for a scene, or draw a map of a dungeon the characters are going to traverse, etc.

    Saturday is my “day off”, but I’ll still often try to get a bit of writing done when I can. This is when I’m most likely to get writing done on something that isn’t my “primary” project – for example, if I had an idea for a scene during the week that I found really exciting, I might work on it on Saturday night.

    Sunday is my “writing day”, during which I’ll focus on writing as much as possible for the main project that I’m currently focusing on. At the moment, that means Attuned.

    By doing it this way, I try to make sure that I get some progress done on my “main” book every week, but I can also get a little bit of minor progress done on other books when time permits.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this kind of style – it’s exhausting. But I love writing, and it’s been a good way for me to make sure that I can maintain my momentum from week-to-week.

    I hope this helps!

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