Attuned Update

Just a quick update.

Attuned is now roughly the same length as Forging Divinity (~112,000 words).

It’s also only about half complete, maybe a little more.

I may have underestimated this project.

So, this means it’s very likely that Defying Destiny is going to be pushed back – but, on the positive side, Attuned is shaping up to be pretty epic in scope. And Broken Mirrors readers will be able to find a few familiar faces. =D

7 thoughts on “Attuned Update

  1. Looking forward to both the 3rd Divinity book and the new magic school book! I have 2 request. 1 Romance somewhere in both books. 2 In the 3rd Divinity book, is it possible to pair the 2 mains again and have some possible romance? It felt hinted at with Lydia. She wasn’t looking forward to back rubs from anyone else. I’m just saying…

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I definitely plan to have some romantic relationships building up gradually over the Broken Mirrors series. I won’t comment on who is being paired up with who this early, though. =) It’s going to be a longer series, so there will be plenty of time for things like that to develop.

    It’s too soon to say anything about romance in the spinoff, but I’ll keep your suggestion in mind!


    1. Thanks for the reply! The waits killing me to know what will happen next, but I know writing can take time. Keep up the great work! Keep safe!

  3. Really loved these books. Thank you for writing them. I’d like to ask if the spin off weaves in and out of the main story/world? I would like to see that. But i know that the logistics for that are alot to set up. Looking forward to reading your new books. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    The spin off is on a different continent, but it will definitely have connections with the main novel. There will be some shared characters (although some of them may be in disguise or working in the background at first).

    The spin off books and the main books will converge more over time. My intent is for you to eventually see characters moving directly between them, then you’ll see how they interact within the wider world.

  5. I can’t express how much I’m loving this series. I pray that you make this a long one. The Wheel of Time has ruined me to wanting nothing but epic stories spanning many books and I forsee you being able build a beautiful world. I mostly do audio books and Podehl truly brings your story to life. I can’t wait for the next book!!

  6. Thanks for the support! The plan is definitely to have a long series. I’ll probably be breaking it down into multiple “arcs” of three to four books each, similar to what Sanderson is currently doing for Mistborn.

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