I finished writing the first scene of Defying Destiny tonight. It’s a fight scene – and from Lydia’s perspective.

I’m still a long way off from finishing it, but it’s good to get my War of Broken Mirrors muscles stretching out again. I still won’t be working on it full time until I’m done with Attuned – that’s the tentative title of the magical school spin-off I’ve been working on – but I thought people might want to know I’m making some progress, and I think I’ll probably be going back and forth between both books to keep them fresh in my mind.

With Attuned taking longer to finish than I had initially expected, Defying Destiny might not land in Q1 of 2017 like I’d planned. I’m still going to try to get it out soon, but quality has to come first, so I won’t be rushing it. I think Attuned will have plenty to keep Broken Mirrors fans entertained in the meantime, too.

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