Book 2 Updates

Book 2 is coming along steadily. At the moment, I’m at approximately 46% – meaning 46,000 words out of a approximately 100,000 estimated total words.

With the way the writing is going, I think there’s a strong chance that this estimate is going to be lower than the actual final word count. I kept Forging Divinity to a “standard” first book length because I had been trained that publishers expect first novels to be 80,000 to 120,000 words – now that I’m self publishing, I have no such restriction, but I’m still in the habit of outlining my books at that length.

While keeping my books to ~100,000 words can help maintain a fast pace, I think there’s room for expanding this next book to help develop some world elements and character relationships further. One of the primary criticisms of my first book has been that some readers had a hard time getting attached to the characters – I think this is natural, since the book takes place over a very short time period. Many first fantasy novels tend to show a “coming of age” for a protagonist, and I only touched on that theme with Taelien – and even then, only barely.

Book 2 will have more of what those readers are looking for – a longer time span, more character development, etc. It’ll focus on one of my favorite tropes – a training arc, complete with new rivals and maybe even a love interest or two for some of the cast members.

If you preferred the fast pacing and intrigue of Forging Divinity, don’t worry too much – there will still be plenty of politics, espionage, and action.

Interested in a preview chapter? Write me an honest review on Amazon or Goodreads (or cross post it, if you’re feeling generous) and message me on my Goodreads Profile with a link to your review and a request for the sample chapter. I’ll send you the sample as soon as I get your message!

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