New Years Book Update!

It’s 2015, and I’m excited to be getting closer to publishing my first novel.

Rather than going the traditional publishing route, I’ll be publishing Forging Divinity through Amazon’s CreateSpace. This has advantages and disadvantages over traditional publishing – I have a lot more control over the production and marketing of my work, but the personal costs are much higher than going through a standard publisher, and I won’t get any sort of payment in advance of my sales.

There are tons of other blog posts and articles out there discussing the advantages of different publishing styles, so I won’t be delving deeply into that here. Instead, I’m going to provide a quick status update on the various projects I’m working on.

Forging Divinity, the first book I’ll be publishing, is Book 1 of The War of Broken Mirrors. In Forging Divinity, a group lead by Lydia Hastings – a paladin of Sytira, the goddess of knowledge – investigates the city of Orlyn, where traditional religions have been outlawed in favor of new “gods” that walk the streets among their followers.

This book is largely complete, and I’m currently working on setting up the document on CreateSpace so I can order test prints and see how the interior looks. I’ll have to order a second set of copies to review once the typography for the cover has been completed, but by ordering my first set of test copies now, I can make sure my text doesn’t have any glaring errors – and have a few collector’s items on hand for if my books ever get famous. =D

I have a few more books that I’m in the process of working on. Here are some tidbits about them.

I wrote Blackstone from about 2005 to 2006. The story is written from a first person perspective by “James Case”, a man who claims to be the man behind the legend of the Blackstone Assassin, a world-famous killer renowned for toppling empires and claiming the lives of gods. It was, at its heart, a bit of a satire – James is smarmy bastard, and depicts his successes as coming from a mixture of luck, strategy, and prestidigitation.

Blackstone was my first “serious” attempt at writing a novel, although I had completed one prior manuscript – Dawn’s Tear – that simply wasn’t good enough to publish. Although I completed the manuscript, I wasn’t able to find a literary agent, and at that point in my career I wasn’t willing to make the attempt at self-publishing. Now that I’m diving into that publication method, I think it’s going to be time to bring Blackstone back. It was probably the most fun book I’ve ever written, and my beta readers responded to it very positively.

Next, I’m about 19,000 words into the sequel to Forging Divinity. Since Forging Divinity isn’t out yet, I’m not going to spoil too many details about this one.

Finally, while all the projects above take place in the same setting – on the continent of Mythralis, which I’ve developed heavily for my role-playing games – I’m also working on a novel outside of that familiar setting. This new novel, tentatively titled Attuned, is my take on the “magical school” genre explored in things like Harry Potter, Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei, and recent books like Mother of Learning (which, by the way, I highly recommend).

If all goes according to plan, I’m hoping to have at least two books released before the end of this year. I also hope to be blogging much more often – after all, I probably should be giving my prospective readers a little bit more context about my settings, rather than just blabbing about progress on books that very few people even know about.

So, expect more setting and lore-related blogs soon!

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