Final Manuscript Preparations

This weekend, I’m working on my manuscript updates for Forging Divinity. These are mostly simple things like formatting, but I’m also making a few last edits and stylistic changes. For example, I’ll be changing my chapter titles from simple character perspective numbers (e.g. “Chapter IV – Lydia I”) to chapter-specific names (e.g. “Chapter IV – Insert Witty Phrase Here”).

Once I’m finished with my final edits, I’ll be sending the cover off for typography. After that, the last stages will be getting my book submitted, ordering test copies, and making any necessary changes based on how those turn out.

Provided there are no major flaws in the test copies, I should be finishing this process within weeks.

Once Forging Divinity is out on the market, I’ll be continuing my work on the sequel in earnest – I’m currently about 16,000 words into it. I also have several other books on my agenda, but I’ll go into those in detail in another post.

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