Urban Fantasy

So, I’ve been working for the last several weeks on trying to wrap my head around writing an urban fantasy. Oddly, after writing two fantasy novels in a home-made setting, writing in the real world – even a fantasy version of it – feels very foreign. Part of it is probably that I’m so heavily invested in the world building for my fantasy setting. Since I’m starting out in a different setting – Earth – that means I need to start my world building almost completely from scratch for this project. Why? Because, if fantasy elements exist, I need to decide why. I need to analyze how exactly these fantasy elements have played into each element in history – and which various legendary creatures, artifacts, and stories actually exist in my fictional version 0f Earth.

It’s been fascinating, really, but also much harder than I expected. I’d be curious if any other fantasy authors have had similar difficulty working on urban fantasies – especially if they are more used to writing in a fantasy world setting of their own creation.

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