I’m now an official member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Interestingly, I was admitted based on my work on World of Warcraft, not my writing for RPG books. This does not set precendent for other game designers to get into the SFWA, according to a board ruling, but we’re having a fascinating dicussion about it on the SFWA boards.

Should game writers and designers be considered “professional writers”? If so, what kind of criteria would qualify us?

The SFWA normally requires three published short stories with a certain total word count and payment scale or one qualifying novel for active membership. How would that translate into games where there are no self-contained short stories? Should dialogue and similar writing count toward admittance?

Personally, I’m currently leaning toward suggesting the following criteria:

-A verifiable word count above (x), similar to short stories

-(Y) number of shipped game products

We’ve also discussed some interesting alternatives, such as the amount of time spent at the company. I’d love to know what other game designers and writers think on this subject.